Tips for Staying Relaxed at Home

Tips for Staying Relaxed at Home

Try these 10 simple tips, then adopt new habits that help you keep a relaxing home.

If there’s one place you should be able to unwind, it’s home. But since that’s easier said than done, these 10 simple tips for staying relaxed can help you feel more at ease. Pair them with new habits that help maintain a calm home, and soon you’ll feel cosy as can be. 

  1. Call to mind cheerful memories by flipping through old photos
  2. Take short breaks — even a few moments reading can help you revitalize
  3. Express yourself by writing in a personalized journal
  4. Schedule time for shutting off distracting electronics
  5. Surround yourself with positive thinking by displaying uplifting quotes
  6. Decorate with peaceful colours like earth tones
  7. Organize a movie night for the entire family and enjoy an hour or two of peace
  8. Have dinner earlier so you can wind down sooner
  9. Wear your comfiest clothes when possible
  10. Use mood lighting in the evening to create a calming atmosphere

Habits That Help Maintain a Calm Home
When your home is already clean, there’s no stressing the mess. Weekly or bi-weekly, have one major cleaning, then maintain the cleanliness with these methods:

De-stress Your Schedule
Keep your time well-organized and you’ll feel more at ease when at home. Here are some simple ways to get started:

Create a Priority Setting Station
Dedicate a bulletin board to a calendar you always update. Next to your calendar, pin index cards, each with a separate to-do for the week. Place them in order of importance and remove completed tasks as you go while adding new ones.


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Plan Each Week’s Meals
Follow our instructions to make a weekly menu planner, and you’ll only have to shop once a week, leaving you more time to unwind.

Designate a Day for Bills
Set aside time to pay all monthly bills so you can wipe them from your mind for the remainder of the month. Create a checklist of bills to be paid, and keep your records tidy with our organized folder system.

Plan Your Outfits
After doing laundry, organize your closet by hanging a week’s worth of outfits. You’ll enjoy more time sleeping in instead of planning the day’s look!

How do you keep your home stress-free? Share your tips and tricks in a comment.

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