Relax, It’s All Under Control

Relax, It’s All Under Control

Ideas you can use to keep your cool with the chaos (and excitement!) of spring.

April is the start of that refreshing time of year for body and mind. Spring is waking up, the end of the school year is in sight, and sports are in full swing. With schedules packed tight and a lot to look forward to, don’t let yourself succumb to the stresses that can so easily dampen all of the excitement in the air!

It’s common and normal to crave the feeling of being in control, but it’s important – especially now – to understand that being “in control” doesn’t necessarily mean controlling everything.

Here are some ideas you can use to keep your cool with the chaos (and excitement!) of April.

Be Present
Have you ever found yourself having a chat with a friend when you realize you missed the last few minutes of the conversation because your mind was busy thinking about other things going on in your life?

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to be fully present in everything that you do. Coffee with a friend isn’t the time to be worrying about when you’ll pick up the dry cleaning. Not only are you not being more productive, you’re actually taking away from vital relaxation time with your friend.

When you choose to be present and leave your other tasks for a more productive and appropriate time, the activities you’re in will become richer – and the unnecessary stress and worry will melt away.

Simplify Your Schedule
Another piece of deceptively simple advice: If you tend to feel stressed when there’s a lot to do, consider reducing the list of to-dos.

First, don’t try to be a hero. I often feel like I should be taking on everything I can, but sometimes other people are willing to handle it – so don’t ignore them! A fellow mom recently offered a carpool to school, which meant that I got to take the morning for myself. Practice saying “yes” to these offers!


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Second, trust your children. Sometimes I’m tempted to keep a close watch on mine when they play. But I know that if something goes wrong, they will come and find me (they always do). Giving them a little more space means that I’ve got more time to focus on me or get things done!

Last, cut out the things that no longer serve you or add value to your life. I had a long-standing tradition of meeting up with a friend of mine for coffee every other week. This friend had a tendency to be very negative, and did a lot of venting whenever we’d meet up. I didn’t realize the toll this was taking on my mood until I took a step back and recognized that I could be spending that time more enjoyably.

Focus on You
Being a mother is wonderful, and it has guided a lot of positive growth and decision-making in my life. But, like me, you weren’t always a mom. There’s more to you than just your motherhood, and making time for those areas of your life is crucial to maintaining your sense of peace.

Give yourself permission to feel pampered, work on developing some skills you always wished you had, or put time into a hobby. Find a night to go out and do something with friends that doesn’t involve a play date. Balance is key.

When all else fails to alleviate the head-under-water feeling, it can be enough to simply take a step back and a deep, calming breath. Sometimes the simplest advice to follow can be the most effective.

Personally? I enjoy a quiet moment with a freshly brewed cup of tea to recenter myself.

What methods do you use to deal with those overwhelming feelings? Share them in the comments below!

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