How to Meditate

How to Meditate

Learn how to meditate, relax and create a calming escape from your day with these tips.

Sometimes, stress can make us feel so overloaded that you’re barely keeping your head above water. Before you go splurging any money at a spa or a mini-vacation, try meditation — it just could be the little break you need. Learning to meditate is supposed to be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in life. Here is how to get started.

What is Meditation?
When you think of meditation, you picture someone in the lotus position, index finger to thumb, chanting. While that’s one way of meditating, there are so many others. There’s a walking meditation, for instance, that’s tricky to define, but the common thread is a practice of focused attention on a regular basis.

What’s the Point?
There are probably as many motivations for meditating as there are ways of practicing it.

Everyone thinks that the purpose of meditation is to handle stress, to tune out. But the point is actually to tune in — not just to de-stress, but also to find peace.


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Let’s Do It!
Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Put your attention on the tip of your nose. Breathe in and out normally, and feel the air flowing through your nostrils. Think of your breath as a faint cloud of golden light. Feel the soft energy being carried by your breath. Let it relax you, but don’t force it. The process will take care of itself!

Get Your Timing Right
The benefits are most evident with regular practice: Find a slot in your day you can commit to, when you can set aside about 30 minutes without noise or interruption. For most of us, that’s first thing in the morning or in the evening, but it could be your lunch hour.

Sit Comfortably
Cross your legs, kneel, put them straight in front of you – whatever suits you. Sitting on a cushion might help. No slouching on the couch, though! It’s important that your back is straight. Regularity and keeping a straight back are the crucial factors.

Once you let go of the fear of looking silly and give it a try, you could find that it was the perfect break to your day that you needed. Who knows — it might even be better than a massage!

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