7 Ways to Grab Some Quality Time for Yourself

7 Ways to Grab Some Quality Time for Yourself

A couple of kid-free hours in every week are actually good for the whole family.

Your days are pretty busy. And when you add kids to the mix, it gets tricky to have a life of your own.

Squeezing in kid-free activities is important, otherwise you risk mom burnout and that’s not good for anyone. Grabbing coffee with friends or stealing away for a date with your spouse provides much-needed adult interaction and a chance to refuel your engine. Here are some quick and easy ideas for grabbing a little me-time.

1. Swap Babysitting Duties
Make a deal with friends or neighbours so that once a month, you’ll watch each other’s kids on a weekend night while one couple heads out for some quality time together. Even easier for you — and a blast for your kids — is to host both sets of kids for a sleepover so whoever is doing the sitting can do it in their own home.

2. Make a Monthly Movie Matinee
Catching a flick at the theater can be tricky to schedule, plus, when you include the price of a sitter on top of the tickets and the requisite bucket of popcorn, it adds up. Why not skip the evening outing, and instead go alone or grab a friend for a matinee while the kids are in school? Consider it a monthly two-hour escape when you get to snag some grown-up time or much needed me-time — and the chance to see the latest flick in theaters, too.

3. Start a Walking Group
Exercise is critical to keeping your body and brain in tip-top shape, but for most of us, finding the time and motivation to work out is tough. Enlist a buddy or two to meet on a weekly (or even daily) basis for a walk or run around the neighbourhood or high school track. You’ll be less likely to back out when you know someone’s depending on you. Plus, you’ll be motivated knowing you get quality time to catch up and get your heart pumping.


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4. Plan a Mini Getaway
Sometimes it takes more than dinner out to recharge. Talk to your spouse about planning a night away, and then do some research and line up a sitter (or willing grandparents) to watch the kids.

A girls’ getaway complete with massages and mani-pedis is just as good. Sign up for online deals, and you’ll be the first to know about discounts or flash sales at area hotels and spas.

5. Enrol in a Class
Just because you’re out of school doesn’t mean you can’t still be a student. Taking a class allows you to learn something new while meeting like-minded folks and stimulates a part of your brain that’s been, well, snoozing for a while. Lots of universities and community colleges have continuing education classes for adults in a variety of disciplines from creative writing to art history to starting your own business. Peruse online curriculum catalogues to find a class that appeals to you.

6. Find an Extra Hour
Finding time for me-time is tough, so try getting up an hour earlier than usual once or twice a week and start the novel you’ve wanted to wri te, hit that early morning spin class or take a really long shower and enjoy a quiet cup of tea. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm — or at least some private time.

7. Just Do It
So you’ve made the plans to have dinner with your besties but when it comes time to head out the door, you’re wiped out. Before you cancel, perk up. Force yourself to get in the shower, put on a pretty face or do whatever it takes to adjust your attitude. Once you’re chatting up your pals, you’ll forget how exhausted you were and remember the reason you made plans for quality time with your friends.

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