6 Tips for Having a Solo Date Night

6 Tips for Having a Solo Date Night

Use these six tips to enjoy your own company and unwind on a date with yourself.

By: Karen Walrond

I’m a pretty gregarious person by nature, but I must admit that one of my most favourite indulgences is a solo date night. I used to do them a lot when I was single, and now that I’m married, I don’t get to have them as often as I used to. That said, whenever I’m on a business trip, I make sure to save one evening for a solo date night. There’s nothing like taking yourself out to a restaurant that only you want to go to and ordering whatever you’d like off of the menu. There’s no pressure to make sparkling conversation, no arguments about who’s going to pay, no concerns about what to do after the meal. It is, quite possibly, one of the most empowering ways you can spend an evening.

If, on an off-chance, you’ve never taken yourself on a solo date night, the prospect can be a little bit intimidating. Here are six tips to make sure that you are, indeed, your own very best company.

1. Pamper Yourself as You Get Ready
This is the beauty of a solo date night — it begins whenever you want it to begin. So take that extra-long shower or bubble bath. Read a novel in the tub first. Do whatever it takes to indulge in the solitude.

2. When You Get Dressed, Wear a Colour That Makes You Feel Awesome
Another great aspect about a solo date is that there’s no need to dress to impress — wear whatever you’d like: from jeans to formal attire, if that’s what suits you. My only advice: Wear a colour that you know is flattering, like that sweater or scarf that always gets you compliments. There’s nothing more confidence-boosting than going out and knowing you look great.


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3. Pick a Restaurant You Already Know and Love
My favourite solo date nights are always at places where I know the food is fabulous and the faces (like the wait staff or the regulars) are familiar. That sense of familiarity can help ensure that, even though you’re alone, you’re certainly not lonely — and that’s an awesome thing. Once you’re there, pick the most delicious thing on the menu — forget about calories or whether it’s good for you. This is all about you.

4. If You Don’t Have a Restaurant In Mind, Find One With Live Entertainment
Picking a place that has a quartet or a comic — or really any type of entertainment you enjoy — can make the night extra special. One of the best solo date nights I ever had was in a tiny little restaurant that had a visiting bossa nova guitar player — it remains one of the finest nights of my life, and I honestly think it would’ve been ruined if anyone was with me.

5. Bring a Good Book With You
I never get to read as often as I’d like, and solo date night is a great way to really enjoy myself, especially if there isn’t any entertainment at the restaurant. A good meal and a good book is straight-up bliss — and the best part is that it sends a subtle message to everyone at the restaurant that you’re not looking for anyone’s else’s attention.

6. Don’t Skip Dessert
In my world, dessert is all about celebration, and you’re celebrating tonight since you’re celebrating yourself. So make sure you have dessert, whether it’s a fancy bananas Foster or simply a scoop of soft-serve ice cream at your local ice cream shop.

When she isn't sharing tips on StyleUnited on how to add more awesome to your life, you can find Karen on Chookooloonks.com. She's on a mission to prove to you that your life is filled with different, unique moments of beauty, starting with her book, The Beauty of Different. Her work can be seen on Babble.com, TEDxHouston and USAToday.

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