It’s Okay to Do Nothing

It’s Okay to Do Nothing

You’ve got a few minutes before you have to do that thing. Here’s an idea: take a break.

It feels good to get something done during your lunch break. It also feels pretty good when you’re able to vacuum the stairs in the 10 extra minutes you have before you have to go pick up the kids.

But sometimes, what feels really great is doing nothing. We shouldn’t feel guilty when a free moment arises and we don’t use it to scrub, plan, exercise or become better people.

It doesn’t mean you have to sit motionless and stare at the wall – although, if that’s your thing, go for it – but here are some ways to take advantage of a break (planned or spontaneous) in your day without feeling like you accomplished anything.

1. Music
We usually only have music on in the background – as we clean or work or cook. Bring the music to the foreground and just listen to it. Whether it’s classical or classic rock, it’s okay to just sit and listen.

2. Breathe
Whether you want to light a scented candle and sit in lotus pose while you do it is up to you, but do some belly breathing. Put your hand on your stomach. Take a deep breath in through your nose and feel your belly rise. Pause before exhaling through pursed lips. Do it for 5 minutes. Namaste.


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3. Doodle
As long as no one can see what you’re actually doing, you can even look like you’re doing something important while you do nothing. It’s perfect. Try Zen doodles, or just scribble shapes and lines on a piece of paper. Really, it’s okay to do nothing of value for a few minutes.

4. Walk
If you’ve been stuck in the house or office all morning, take a few minutes to get outside. It’s okay to not have somewhere specific to go, and it’s okay to leave your phone behind. It’s also okay to not break a sweat – don’t feel like you have to treat this as exercise.

5. Read
We know you’ve got that unread email you sent yourself weeks ago with the link to that thing you’ve been meaning to read. It doesn’t matter if it’s about celebrity gossip or political news. Now that you’re done reading this, go read that.

But not before sharing this on Facebook and letting everyone know how okay it is to not do anything.

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I like listening to music or just time by myself is a good stress reliever to

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On belly breathing Ithink it should be done before eating.. It also helps your other organs but three times may be a bit less. Good idea Madeline!

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