4 Ways You Never Knew Technology Could Help You

4 Ways You Never Knew Technology Could Help You

Manage your days much more efficiently by making technology work for you.

By: Grace Mitchell

Navigating today’s digital world tends be difficult — seems to never stop changing. There is so much to learn and keeping up with it can feel overwhelming.

Once you discover how to utilize technology in ways that complement — not complicate — your life, it makes the learning curve easier to handle. Technology can help make everyday tasks simpler, save you money and even help keep you healthy.

1. Planning
If you have a difficult time keeping track of your to-do lists, especially when it comes to planning specific events, there are lots of digitized options to help you. You can use your mobile phone’s calendar to make bullet point lists for the day, week, month or year and check events off as they occur.

For example, if you have a party to plan, there are party planning apps that efficiently take you through each step — from when to send invitations to details like seating charts and suggestions for party favours.

Planning can be a very clean-cut process when you have technology by your side!

2. Scheduling
Although keeping a paper calendar year after year can be something nice to look back on, it can be problematic to remember to transfer every birthday and anniversary into your new calendar when the year changes. Keeping a digital calendar erases this headache because as the next year rolls over, all of your stored information is immediately transferred.

You can also program schedules to let you know when a person’s birthday rolls around. Or perhaps you have an appointment coming up you need to remember. Plug it into your calendar, and you’ll be reminded — whether it be a week, a day or an hour prior, depending on the options you pick.

Scheduling your life digitally can take a huge weight off your shoulders when it comes to remembering key things such as these.


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3. Budgeting
There are many applications available on both your computer and phone that can help you with budgeting.

Whether you are saving up for a big trip or just budgeting for this month’s groceries, a digital program can tell you what percentage of your goal you have accomplished and how much more you need to complete it.

Tip: You can even find apps that monitor your electricity consumption so you’re aware of when you could slow usage to lower your bill.

4. Staying Healthy
Stay on top of your health and fitness goals by using technology to guide you in monitoring caloric intake, how many steps you should be taking in a day or how much sleep you need to get at night.

There are programs that tell you how many grams of fat and carbohydrates there are in certain dishes at restaurant chains, so it is easy to know just what you’re taking into your body when eating out.

With the appropriate service, you can see in a moment how many more fruits or vegetables or protein sources you need in a particular day to complete a day of balanced nutrition.

Making your wellness a priority by using the technology that is out there can boost your confidence and make staying on top of your daily nutrition a much simpler — and less daunting — task!

Utilizing technology in these four areas can help make our lives much easier and can be a big step toward a simpler, less harried existence.

Grace Mitchell writes the Interior Design/DIY blog, A Storied Style. She loves old movies and musicals, and lives in Texas with her husband and four children.

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