3 Everyday Outdoor Escapes to Beat Stress

3 Everyday Outdoor Escapes to Beat Stress

3 Everyday Outdoor Escapes to Beat Stress

By: Madeline Glasser

Parents are gearing up for busier summer schedules filled with summer camps and vacation planning — not to mention their own daily work and chores. It’s enough to make even the best mom a little stressed. Luckily, summer means good weather, and there are plenty of things your family can do outdoors to help lower stress levels while having fun.

1. Relax by the Water
Water is incredibly soothing, and spending time near it is a wonderful summer activity, especially when it’s hot outside. Pack up some towels and snacks and head to the nearest oasis.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach, make a day out of it. Pack toys for the kids and a good book for yourself. While the kids frolic in the waves, you can enjoy the soothing sounds around you as well as your latest read. If you don’t have a seaside escape, find the nearest neighbourhood pool, lake or river and set up an area there. Be sure to pack and use the correct sunscreen.


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2. Plan a Backyard Barbecue
Another way to beat stress is to spend time with your family and friends. A backyard barbecue is the perfect excuse to bring the whole group together in a mellow setting and catch up. Good fellowship will surely put you at ease!

3. Work Out at the Park
Fitting in fitness when the kids are off from school can be a challenge. But getting a healthy dose of endorphins is a great way to lower stress and get your heart pumping. Take your kids to the park and sneak in a workout while they play.

Tip: Use the playground equipment to take it to the next level! Do squats, pull-ups and dips on the equipment, or challenge your kids to a race for some cardio!

Don’t let the stresses of summer get you down this year. Instead, let the warm weather melt your worries away.

Madeline is the author of the Food, Fitness, and Family blog, where she writes about yummy eats, sweaty workouts and life as a family of three — soon to be four! She is an Army wife dedicated to finding balance between kale and cake pops while raising her growing family.

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All great ideas! Being outdoors and listening the birds singing relaxes me. Try it!

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I love walk bare foot through the grass with my daughter to calm me! I also love walk through the sand!

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