3 Easy Ways to Forgive and Forget

3 Easy Ways to Forgive and Forget

No matter the situation, these 3 tips will help you easily forgive and forget.

All kinds of slights occur in the course of any relationship. In some cases, a person might not realize they hurt another. Other incidents may not be as trivial.

How do You Learn to Forgive and Forget When Someone’s Hurt You?

1. Force a Smile

When people have been wronged, they have a tendency to replay the incident over and over. Holding on to angry and hostile feelings affects things like heart rate and blood pressure.

Turning these feelings around isn’t easy, but research shows if you activate your facial muscles into a smile, you actually feel better.

What if You’ve Hurt Someone Else?

2. Come up with a Forgiveness Ritual

People make mistakes. It is a good practice to come up with a personal way to ask for forgiveness. If people don't work on forgiveness, bitterness can continue in the relationship.

People are ashamed when they realize they’ve hurt someone. But eventually, they’ll have to face it. A great conversation starter is an authentic apology.

Begin the dialogue by saying, "I’m sorry. What can I do now? I can't change the past, but I want to make this better."

What if Two People You Know Hurt Each Other?

3. Don’t Help Others Patch Things up

While it’s tempting to try and intervene when you see a relationship between friends or family members that is troubled, really consider not getting involved. Getting in the middle of any relationship almost never goes well. The emotions are usually so personal.

However, you can validate someone's pain and perhaps encourage empathy or ask what they want to do with the pain.

What are some ways you forgive and forget? Log in or register and share your advice in the comments below!


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