6 Tips That Will Change the Way You Sleep

Rest is more important than ever during the holidays. Improve your sleep habits with these tips.

Recent studies have shown that getting eight or more hours of sleep each night is one of the best habits you can practice to maintain good health. But between your daily responsibilities and the flurry of activity that descends during the holidays, it’s nearly impossible to get enough sleep, fall asleep quickly or wake up feeling energized and looking rested. We’ve got you covered with six tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

1. Wind Down
Make time for yourself in the evening. Take a few minutes to jot down any outstanding items on your to-do list – this will clear your mind and prevent upcoming tasks from keeping you up all night. Then take a relaxing bath or a hot shower – we recommend using Olay Fresh Outlast Soothing Orchid & Black Currant Body Wash, which leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed and beautiful. Putting both your mind and body at ease helps prepare you for sleep.

2. Switch Off
Turn off all electronic devices 60 to 90 minutes before bed. The blue light emitted from electronic devices imitates daylight and can disrupt your sleep cycles. Don’t keep a television or a tablet in your bedroom as this will tempt you into using them. Instead, swap them for a few favourite books – just six minutes of reading can reduce stress and encourage sleep.

3. Cut the Caffeine
Research shows that drinking a cup of coffee up to six hours before bedtime can reduce sleep by more than an hour. Enjoy your morning coffee, but refrain from drinking it in the late afternoon and evenings to ensure that you can fall asleep at night. The same advice goes for any caffeinated sodas or energy drinks. Instead, drink an herbal tea, like chamomile. Not only does it have a pleasant taste, but its soothing and relaxing properties can help you sleep better.

4. Keep Meals Light
A protein-heavy meal can cause digestive issues and impact your sleep. Opt for lighter means with more complex carbs. Researchers theorize that the insulin release from carbohydrates causes more sleep-inducing tryptophan in the brain.

5. Limit Liquids
Waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom can disrupt your sleep patterns, making it impossible to fall back asleep. Drink liquids up to 90 minutes before climbing into bed.

6. Moisturize While You Snooze
Apply Olay Age Defying Classic Night Cream to your face, jawline and neck before bedtime to exfoliate and renew dull, dry surface skin. It replaces moisture lost during the day and leaves your skin soft and glowing.

Bonus Tip: Late night? Early alarm clock? Our secret weapon for looking wide awake (even when you don’t feel that way) is Olay Revitalizing Eye Gel. This cooling under-eye gel treatment hydrates tired eyes to give you a refreshed look.

Be sure to visit Olay to discover more advice and other skincare and anti-aging products for boosting your skin while you sleep.


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