Summer Schedules and Shut-eye

Strive for a healthy, rested family – yourself included.

Getting rest – especially during the summer months – may seem like the impossible dream. As summer break winds down and back-to-school picks up, it’s hard getting little ones on any sort of schedule. Nevermind your schedule.

You’re feeling a little worn out, but you still want to spend evenings poolside or accept the neighbour’s invitation for yet another barbecue – at least while you still can. It’s a bittersweet season of parenting, and getting the sleep you need isn’t exactly the first order of concern.

The Summer Sleep Story
Many parents know bedtime routines help children mentally prepare for sleep. And it’s no different for adults. No matter what our age, we all need time to switch gears and prepare for some restful sleep.

So how can you catch some shut-eye among the typical weekly responsibilities? While we may not have a one-size-fits-all sleep solution, here are some tips to get the rest you need (when you can)!

Keep Your Routine
Maybe you can’t hit the mark on this one each and every night, but you can aim for five out of seven. Whatever ritual you typically do before bed, keep it up. Do you read for 30 minutes? Or do you fall asleep reading to your kids (and drag yourself into your bed at midnight)?

Regardless of what kind of sleep routine is in place for you and your family, try to be as consistent as possible. Your body’s internal clock will be soothed by the predictable behaviour.

Check the Calendar?
In the evening, check the schedule for the next day and start to mentally plan ahead.

Will you need to get up early or make any stops on the way to work? Will you need a jacket or gym clothes? If you can, gather any extra items you need to bring with you and place them near the door so you aren’t scrambling to find them before you head out.

Don’t forget to check your kids’ calendars to see if they have extra activities. You can also include this step as part of their own bedtime routine so they can get organized.

Take Care of Yourself?
It’s just as important to take care of yourself as it is to take care of anyone else in the house. Create a simple bedtime routine that gives you the chance to wipe away the stress of the day.

Even if it’s simply taking a few minutes to wash your face, you will feel fresh and ready to enjoy your sleep.

Tip: Try establishing a routine to relax your senses. Spray some Febreze Air Effects Sleep Serenity in your room a few minutes before you climb under the covers. This scent will help place you in a nighttime space and frame of mind.

Plan Ahead
In a brave attempt to ward off the worries of tomorrow, get as much done today as you possibly can. That means utilizing weekends for more than just fun. Pack those lunches ahead of time, and try to use the weekend grilling time to prepare extra food for the week.

Live in the Now
If you’re one of us who has a hard time switching off your brain at night, you’re not alone. And as trite as it may sound, try some positive, soothing self-talk. Really.

Tomorrow isn’t even here yet. Resist the urge to continue engaging with the future. It’s rest time, so meditate on rainbows, butterflies and sandy beaches (whatever it takes!), and leave the questions and concerns of tomorrow just where they are.

Leave your plans to solve world hunger for the shower tomorrow morning. But if you’re truly stuck on a thought while in bed, reach for a pen and pad of paper bedside to jot down the ideas and get them out of your brain.

Embrace a Little Clean
Wherever you and your family live on the hyper-controlled-to-chaotic home continuum, take a step toward the “kinda clean” this season – and own it. Yes, let the dishes start to gather in the sink. Cascade Platinum ActionPacs can clean stuck-on food in just one wash, with no pre-wash needed so you can sleep another hour. Wear second-day hair to that work event and catch 30 more minutes in the morning. Let the kids dress themselves for a change. It’s summer, already!

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