‘Tis the Season for Stress: 5 Ways to Relax

‘Tis the Season for Stress: 5 Ways to Relax

Learn 5 ways to recharge and relieve stress this holiday season.

Relaxation? Uninterrupted sleep? Peace and quiet? These may seem like a lofty goals for some of us, especially around the holidays. Schedules start to reach daunting levels with seasonal needs, and our lists and obligations can quickly begin to feel overwhelming.

So, how do we achieve a reprieve of sorts during this ever-busier time of year? We’ve gathered ideas for little things you can do to regroup and destress!

1. Break a Sweat?
When time is limited, one of the first things to go is an exercise routine. Many of us forego workouts for a quick to-do item or trip to the store for last-minute gifts. If you’re forced to skip your regular fitness time for holiday errands, at least try to get in walking – even if it’s through the mall or taking a few extra laps around the store with your cart.

Fitting in just 30 minutes of exercise a day will do wonders for your stress levels. Getting that movement in will help reduce stress and keep the holiday weight gain in check, all while releasing endorphins to help better your mood. As always, be sure to get the OK from your doctor before starting any new routine.

2. Write it Down
You can help avoid mental overload by making manageable to-do lists for whatever you have coming up, and keep a calendar that organizes the week. Then, as you cross off tasks, you have a tangible way of noting how much you have accomplished and a visual representation of your waning list of responsibilities. Win, win!

3. Get More Zzz’s
Most adults need between seven and eight hours of sleep each night to feel rejuvenated and function at optimal levels. We’re serious. Unfortunately, you can’t simply catch up on sleep in one night ­– the effects are cumulative.

If sleep is something that you just don’t get much of, in or out of the holiday season, try catching a power nap. Just 20 minutes of rest can do wonders to reset and reboot your system.

4. Eat Well?
The holidays may bring a cookie here, a pie there, but make sure you’re also fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs. Eating well helps your body function, giving you ample energy to conquer the holiday craziness!

It may be a true test of will, but try to be aware of overly decadent foods. Check out this article for 5 simple tips to avoid feeling sick from overindulgence!

5. Treat Yourself to “Me” Time
Lastly, make sure you are setting aside some quality time for yourself each week. It doesn’t have to be anything major: It can be as simple as soaking in a bubble bath, indulging in a silky smooth shave and lighting a scented candle.

You can also try taking a yoga class, meditating or just escaping to your room for a deep breath and mindful reset.

The holiday season will always be busy, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By taking control of your stress levels and stepping back when you need to, you can get the most out of the holidays and start the new year feeling refreshed!

What’s your favourite way to relax amidst the holiday hustle and bustle? Let the P&G everyday community know in the comments!


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