How to Make an Unforgettable First Impression

Put aside your jitters and learn how to navigate meetings, parties and events with ease.

Whether you’re attending a party or a parent-teacher conference, the first time you meet someone is your chance to connect and express your confident, unique self. Don’t be nervous – you got this! We’ve pulled together our best advice for making your first impression memorable.

Be Invested
When meeting new people, most of us panic about what we’re going to say or how we can seem interesting. But the best way to make a positive first impression is to be genuinely interested in the other person. Think about what you’d like someone to ask you, and then ask those questions yourself. You’ll be surprised by how much someone reveals in just a few minutes of small talk.

Have Something Interesting to Say
From recent vacations to upcoming weekend plans, have a few interesting stories or anecdotes in your back pocket to fill awkward silences. Don’t forget that other people are probably nervous, too, so you might find that sharing your stories helps build their confidence as well.

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Don’t Fake It
Meeting new people can be stressful, and it’s tempting to simply agree with others wholesale rather than offer your real opinion. But true authenticity is key. Confidence comes from being comfortable with yourself and who you are, so resist the urge to blend in. People will appreciate your honesty and ability to think differently.

Watch Your Body Language
Stay mindful of your posture and movements: Face the person you’re talking to with your whole body, and avoid hunching, diverting eye contact or fiddling with accessories or your clothing. For more ways to appear composed, check out these tips.

Really Listen
Listening is a learned skill. To foster it, ask questions in which you actually have interest – and then focus on the reply. When we’re nervous it’s easy to panic about awkward silences, and we can find ourselves planning the next question before hearing the answer to the previous one. So take the time to listen to what your companions are saying – if you do, you’ll likely find common ground and be able to relax.

Wear Something You Feel Great In
Choose an outfit that makes you feel fantastic. Spending the evening in a top that’s too tight or a skirt that doesn’t fit properly will only make you look fidgety and uncomfortable. Take the time in advance to hunt for an outfit you love – you’ll arrive cool, calm and collected.


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