DIY: A Million-dollar Smile

DIY: A Million-dollar Smile

Prep your lips for a stunning smile sure to turn heads.

By: Lynnette Hernandez

It’s award season in Hollywood and all eyes will be on the red carpet for a first look at the latest celebrity trends. While we may not be able to get our hands on those fabulous dresses, there is one look you can steal — that million dollar smile. Follow these five steps to get a stunning smile that will grab any camera’s attention.

1. Whiten
The first step to a million dollar smile is to have healthy, clean, white teeth. Tooth stains can come from a number of sources, like the natural aging process or common foods and drinks we love like coffee, wine and tea. Keep surface stains at bay by brushing daily with whitening toothpaste. Need to flash those pearly whites at an upcoming event? Try Crest 3D White for a noticeably whiter smile.

2. Scrub
Exfoliating your lips will not only make them soft and smooth, but it will let you get the most out of your lipstick. Exfoliating removes dead cells that can cause dryness and flakiness, and lipstick won’t stay put on dry, flaky lips. Do this about once or twice a week but keep in mind that doing this too much may dry out your lips.


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3. Moisturize
Once you have smoothed and prepped your lips, add some moisture back in by applying a lip balm with ingredients like vitamin E and Shea butter. Be sure to let the balm set in for a few minutes before applying any bold lip colour.

4. Prep
Create a base for your lip colour by lining the lips in a colour closest to your natural lip colour, or with a colour closest to the lipstick shade you will be using. The liner acts as a primer and helps the lipstick “stick” to your lips, and also prevents it from bleeding out of the lips.

5. Colour
The final step to a million dollar smile is choosing the perfect shade of lipstick. Red is always a classic choice to add glamour to any look. For beautiful, rich colour try CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipcolour.

Not sure what shade to choose? Check out this guide to picking the best red.

Lynnette writes Style Maeve, a fashion blog dedicated to finding the latest styles, celebrity looks, and weekly features that help you get the look you want without breaking the bank.

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