Bye-bye Tummy Aches: How to Take a Break from Rich Party Foods

Avoid feeling sick from holiday overindulgence by following these 5 simple tips.

The holiday season is all about family, fun and food, but between parties, dinners and special events, fattening foods are everywhere you turn. While you shouldn’t avoid the not-so-healthy options completely (you deserve a treat after all that holiday prep!), nobody wants to spend the holidays bloated and groggy.

So here are five easy ways to enjoy the holiday season without compromising a healthy, balanced diet!

1. Eat a Big Lunch
When you have a holiday dinner or party in the evening, try eating a larger (but still wholesome) lunch, like a salad filled with veggies, beans, seeds and lean protein. Many of us limit our intake all day and once the festivities begin, we’re famished and tend to overindulge.

Tip: In case you overdo it on the party food and give yourself an upset stomach, pack Pepto-Bismol To-Go tablets in your purse!

2. Drink Water
Carry around a glass of water or reusable water bottle to keep your daily water intake on track between snacks and meals. Not only will you manage calories, you’ll also feel fuller so you won’t want to overindulge come party time.

3. Portion it Out
As long as you manage your plates, you can enjoy nearly every offering at dinner or parties. Remember, it’s all about balance! For every not-so-healthy offering you grab (like cheese puffs or mini quiches), grab a helping of a healthier option, like veggies or shrimp cocktail. And if there’s more than one size plate available, opt for the smallest one.

The same goes for the main course. Take a small serving of everything you like – the variety will fill you up. It’s tempting to take a heap of your favourite food, but with all that’s offered, a small bit of each dish will make for a more fulfilling plate.

4. Distract Your Teeth
Immediately before heading out the door to your holiday festivities, brush your teeth or rinse with some mouthwash! Just like brushing your teeth right before bed, you’ll be less likely to reach for snacks right away because food won’t taste the same post-cleaning. Try using Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste with Crest Pro-Health Multi-Protection Rinse for a double-duty clean!

5. Exercise Before the Party
Hit the gym or pound the pavement before the big night. Even some stretches or calisthenics at home before going out will make a difference in how you feel before hitting the holiday circuit. You won’t want to sabotage your fitness and you’ll make conscious choices at dinner or party time.

Do you have any tips for avoiding holiday overindulgence? Share them with our community in the comments below!

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