Free Customizable Grocery Shopping List

Stay on track at your next grocery shopping trip with our free customizable checklist.

It’s easy to forget to pick up an item at the store, even if you thought you remembered to write it down on your list. Stay organized with ease by downloading and printing our categorized shopping list.

Before you head to the store, look through your refrigerator and cabinets, jotting down items that you are out of or will need to replace soon. In addition, consider sitting down to plan a week of meals by writing out the ingredients you will need for each. Next, use our supermarket section list to categorize your items by section, making it easy to pick up several items at a time as you move through the store:

Be Decisive about Sales
Most supermarkets feature weekly sale items within each aisle so be on the lookout! Bulk foods and dramatic discounts are a great way to shave dollars off of your total (plus coupons … get yours here!) but pause to consider if you truly need the item. You may simply be drawn to it because it’s on sale. If you’re stuck, turn to your list as a reminder of what you are planning to prepare for the week ahead.

Look for Accompanying Ingredients?
Most grocery stores are making it easier than ever to piece together the necessary ingredients for any given dish. For example, if you’re planning to make guacamole when avocados are in season, you’ll often find garlic, cherry tomatoes and fresh cilantro displayed in the same location – saving you valuable time!

Find Some Inspiration
If you want to try something new at the dinner table, browse for items that catch your eye. We suggest looking at the gourmet cheese selection, olive bar (often filled with more than just olives – like marinated vegetables and salads) and walking through the international cuisine aisle. Who knows – you may discover a new family favourite!

What are your best tips for navigating the grocery store? or register for P&G everyday to let us know in the comments below!


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