8 Comfort Food Recipes You Can Feel Good About

Get through the coming seasons with these great, simple dishes.

Cooler weather means warmer meals. And luckily, the hearty, comfort foods we usually gravitate toward during autumn are mostly vegetables and lean meats.

So don’t worry about going back for seconds.


Black Bean Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Another way to get your pumpkin fix. This seasonal black bean pumpkin soup is scrumptious and vegetarian.

Get the recipe here.


Low and Slow

Hectic days can mean slow cookers are the best option. So here are 3 oh-so-simple black bean, tomato and butternut squash soup recipes .


Oui Oui to French Onion Soup

Make your favourite restaurant-style soup at home, from scratch with our recipe.


Lentil Soup

Yes, lentils can taste good. Check out this recipe for hearty, wholesome lentil soup. (Substitute vegetable broth for chicken broth and skip the bacon altogether if you want to make it vegetarian.)


Get it While It’s Hot

Okay, so this one probably isn’t all that healthy. But it’s all sorts of delicious. And if it’s good enough to get Minnesotans through the winter, it’s good enough for us. Get the Hot Dish recipe here.


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