How to Take a Break from Rich Party Foods

How to Take a Break from Rich Party Foods

Follow these 5 simple tips to take a break from rich holiday foods and enjoy yourself without feel deprived.

By: Melissa A. Kay

The holiday season is all about family, fun and food! With all the parties, dinners and special events, fattening holiday food is everywhere you turn. You deserve a treat here and there, but nobody wants to spend the holidays bloated and stuffed.

There are easy ways to enjoy the holiday season without compromising a healthy diet and busting your buttons.

1. Eat a Big Lunch
Yes, that’s right! Eat a large (but wholesome) lunch when you have a holiday dinner or party that evening. Too many of us limit our intake all day and once the festivities come around, we’re famished and lose control of what we are putting in our mouths.

A nice, filling lunch could be a large salad of healthy veggies, beans, seeds and lean protein. Once it’s time for the evening party, you’ll make better choices instead of heading straight for the high-fat foods since you won’t arrive on an empty stomach.

2. Drink Water
Keep your drinking on track by having a large glass of water between snacks or meals. Not only will you manage calories, but you’ll feel full so you won’t over-indulge.

3. Portion it Out
You can enjoy nearly every offering at dinner or at parties if you manage your plate. Take one small plate and fill it just once — that’s your portion, and that’s it. Load the plate with veggies and shrimp cocktail to balance out the rich cheese puffs and mini quiches.

If you mindlessly grab bites while catching up with friends and family, you won’t realize how much you’ve eaten, and those mini-treats can really add up quickly.

The same goes for the main meal. Take a small serving of whatever you like and the variety will fill you. It’s tempting to take a heap of your favourite food, but with all that’s offered, a small bit of each dish will make for a full holiday plate.

4. Wear a Form-Fitting Outfit
Look great at the party or dinner in a slim-fitting dress, belted pants or a buttoned-up ensemble. If you can feel the clothing touching your torso, it’s easier to keep your intake in check. No one wants to have that feeling like your pants will pop or the pressure of a zipper digging into your belly. Showing up in a loose frock will give you the go-ahead to overeat because you will remain comfortable despite an overfilled tummy. Plus, you will look chic among the folks in the oversized reindeer sweaters! 

5. Exercise Before the Party
Hit the gym or pound the pavement before the big night. Even some stretches or calisthenics at home before going out will make a difference in how you feel before hitting the holiday circuit. You won’t want to sabotage your fitness and you’ll make conscious choices at dinner or party time. Not to mention, you’ll sport a rosy glow that will make the season even brighter!


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