Detoxing: Powering into Spring

Detoxing: Powering into Spring

Be good to your body this season and learn to get healthy from the inside out.

After a long winter of eating hearty, heavy foods, spring is the perfect time to start on the right track of lighter cuisine and fresh ingredients. A good detoxing once or twice a year kicks your metabolism into high gear again, giving you more energy so you can take advantage of all the fun spring has to offer. Even just five or ten days are enough to make you feel fresh and welcome spring with enthusiasm.

Feel-good Recipes
The best thing about a detox is you don't have to fast, and you can have three meals a day, as well as snacks.

Try one of these creative ways to make your detox delicious and nutritious:

Chilled lemon and asparagus salad
Rice and beans


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Help Yourself to Veggies
Acidic and heavily processed foods like coffee, sodas and gelatines add a lot of acid to your body, so make sure you opt for fresh, basic foods like fruit and vegetables during your detox. Garden cress, broccoli and turnips and cabbage all boost the detox process.

During your detox, keep to the “five-a-day” rule by eating a handful of vegetables three times a day and a handful of fruit twice a day. If you’re not the type to eat an apple a day, there are creative and delicious ways to incorporate fruits and other nutritious ingredients into your diet. You can even add it to your water!

Relieve Your Liver
Your liver is the central organ for your metabolism. This essential organ makes sure our body can eliminate toxins easily. Bitter compounds in artichokes, zucchinis and kale help the liver do its job.

Supercharge Your Skin
Certain foods can act as a beauty elixir for the skin during a detox, too. Pumpkin seeds, fish, kale, green tea and parsley stimulate cell regeneration and give you a fresh and youthful complexion.

Do you have any go-to detox foods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Add different lettuces to your salads, even spinach leaves and mixed greens.

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