6 Superfoods You Need This Fall

6 Superfoods You Need This Fall

Stay healthy and feel your best this fall with these 6 seasonal superfoods.

By: Amanda Palmer

Fall is the perfect time to visit the produce aisle or farmers market to stock your pantry with some delicious and beneficial ingredients. From rebooting your system to fighting off sick days, we have your go-to guide for this season’s superfoods.

Fight Fatigue
Fall’s fresh routine is a welcomed change after a fast-paced summer. Instead of falling into a slump as the days grow shorter, reboot your system with some seasonal comforts.

  • Herbal tea: Sip teas with ginkgo biloba to help increase awareness and reduce anxiety, or try a tea with astragalus to aid your immune system. Liquorice or walnut in teas can help relieve upper respiratory discomforts that come with the transition between seasons. Drink a cup mid-morning after a good breakfast.
  • Garlic: Increase physical stamina by throwing it into a crockpot or take it by capsule.

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Mend Your Skin
Heat and strong sunrays can do a number on your skin during the warmer months, so now is an opportune time to repair and rehydrate it before the blast of winter.

  • Mushrooms: These funky fungi are loaded with vitamin D, which your skin needs to reduce wrinkles and repair cell membranes within your skin. Be sure to pair this with a vitamin D3 supplement to get your full dose.
  • Pumpkin seeds: Full of antioxidants like vitamin E to improve skin tone, these seeds also pack a strong dose of zinc, which helps increase collagen levels. Add to trail mix or sprinkle on top of your favourite muffin.

Allergies and Colds
With the onset of a new season comes another wave of environmental irritants — full of opportunities to develop head colds. Dietary supplements can ward off sick days since your immune system lives in your gut.

  • Blueberries: The end of summer yields robust blueberries, which are tastefully jammed with vitamins C and K as well as manganese and copper. Mix with Greek yogurt or blend with a green juice.
  • Apples: It’s harvest time for these tree-growers, packed with flavonoids (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiviral). Eat them whole, throw them in a Gorgonzola salad or mix into smoothie.

These fall foods are vibrant and vigorous, and you can be, too. What’s your go-to superfood for the season? Log in or register for P&G everyday and let us know in the comments below.

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