3 Superfoods You Need During the Holiday Season

3 Superfoods You Need During the Holiday Season

Incorporate these three superfoods into holiday meals for more nutrients and increased energy.

By: Camille Simmons

The holiday season can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to food. All the dinners and parties filled with cheesy, buttery, sugary treats taste great in the moment — until you get home and feel overstuffed. While it’s perfectly fine to relax on the diet (The holidays only come once a year, after all!), it may be helpful to mix in healthier options to balance the meals.

Healthier recipes are easy to add to the menu with superfoods! As it turns out, these nutrient-packed foods tend to pop up in all kinds of holiday dishes. There are probably more than you realize in your family recipes. Here are three favourite superfoods perfect for the winter and holiday season.

1. Salmon
This fish is a staple in my home around the holidays. My mom usually makes a huge fillet for dinner and there are rarely any leftovers. Wild (not farmed) salmon is a great source of protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Traditionally, this fish is baked with butter, lemon and seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs. To mix things up, try grilling the fish on a cider board to give it a nice smoky flavour. If you’re feeling fancy, serve your salmon with a creamy hollandaise sauce, stuff it with crab, add it to a salad or cut it and make your own sushi!

2. Walnuts
Put that little nutcracker to work and eat a few handfuls of walnuts this season. While many people believe that nuts are fattening, walnuts provide “good” healthy fats.


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Similar to salmon, walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids and pack a protein punch (perfect for the vegetarians among us). On top of that, walnuts can help lower the risk of diabetes, cancer and heart attacks. These bite-sized morsels are quite the powerhouse! They’re great on their own for a quick snack, but try creating a dessert around them.

Before adding these into any recipe, throw them in the oven and bake (roast) until they darken. Roasting the nuts brings out their flavour. Whether it’s brownies, cookies, cakes, muffins or quick breads, walnuts can go into almost anything. If you are looking for a savoury recipe, try using them to create a vinaigrette for a wintergreens salad, or add them to a spice rub and crust your meat main course.

3. Pomegranates
Pomegranates possess more antioxidants than blueberries and green tea — and both of those are packed with them. Removing the seeds can be a bit of a messy endeavour, but here is a tip: cut the pomegranate in half and submerge each piece in water. As you break the fruit apart, the seeds will fall to the bottom and the casing and skin will float. Don’t forget, these little seeds are edible!

Rather than topping your stuffing with cranberry sauce, try a pomegranate sauce instead. Alternatively, add some pomegranate seeds into a salad with goat cheese and toss in a nice vinaigrette. Take advantage of its tanginess and add the juice to your favourite marinade.

If you’re into juicing, adding handful of pomegranate seeds to your morning juice or smoothie will definitely pack on the nutrients and serious flavour.

All three ingredients are easy to incorporate – even for the pickiest eaters. So mix up your typical holiday meal by adding these superfoods! Your guests will love the taste, plus you'll feel great by serving up a healthy, energy-packed meal.

Camille is a Bay Area-based planning and decorating expert. She is the creator of Planning Pretty, a lifestyle site dedicated to sharing easy, affordable and pretty ideas for everyday living.

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