8 Unique Sports to Try This Summer

8 Unique Sports to Try This Summer

Searching for a new way to burn calories and stay active? We have 8 new sports for you to try.

The balmy days of summer are the ideal time to discover a new sport: The temperature is ideal, and the days are longer, and many community sport leagues form up in the summer months as people start doing more outdoors. If you’re looking for some creative ways to stay active or slim down, these ideas are more fun than hitting the gym and are good for you, too! Who knows – you may find a new hobby that you’ll stick with throughout the year.

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1. Roller Skiing

Used since the 1930s as a training technique for cross-country skiers in the summer months, roller skiing is like Nordic skiing – but without the snow. Instead of skates you stand on short skis with wheels at each end. It’s a great low-impact, total-body workout that’s good for your core.

Calorie-burning potential: 500 an hour

2. Trampolining

Trampolining was added as an Olympic sport in 2000 and has been growing in popularity. (Check for trampolining classes being offered in your area!) Jumping on a trampoline is great cardio exercise and works your legs, glutes and core. Try doing some of your normal strength exercises, such as lunges or mountain climbers, on the trampoline – the instability will work your core even harder.

Calorie-burning potential: 400 an hour

3. Skimboarding

If you live near an ocean, try skimboarding: It’s like surfing but on the shore. Skimmers take a small, flat board and run towards the ocean when a wave is coming, jump on the board, glide along the wet sand into the wave and ride it back onto the beach.

Calorie-burning potential: 395 an hour

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4. Rock Climbing

Even if you don’t live near a mountain range, your community might have a rock climbing gym – do an online search to find locations near you. Rock climbing isn’t as daunting as it seems, and it’s a great upper-body workout that builds strength and improves flexibility.

Calorie-burning potential: 550 an hour

5. Fencing

Fast-paced and agile, fencing offers a similar workout to interval training and is good cardio that will improve your balance, flexibility and coordination. Many rec centers host classes for beginners.

Calorie-burning potential: 446 an hour

6. Jump Rope

Cheap and effective, jumping with your childhood skipping rope burns a lot of calories in a short period of time. In fact, you’ll burn the same amount of calories jumping rope for 15 minutes as you would running an 8-minute mile! It will also tone your upper and lower body and is good for your heart.

Calorie-burning potential: 200 per 20 minutes

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7. Ultimate Frisbee

Similar to football, ultimate Frisbee is a fast-paced team sport played with a Frisbee instead of a ball. It counts as a cardio workout because you’ll be running the length of the field throughout the game. It also works a variety of muscle groups and improves flexibility as you jump, throw and reach for the Frisbee.

Calorie-burning potential: 570 an hour

8. Swing Dance

This lively and social dance style was born from the jazz music scene in the 1920s. Beginner classes are common in most cities, and with swing dance festivals and competitions, you can jive, fling and jitterbug your way to stronger muscles and a total-body aerobic workout.

Calorie-burning potential: 300 an hour

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