5 Surprising Benefits of Walking

5 Surprising Benefits of Walking

Discover 5 reasons why taking a long walk could be the best decision you make today.

If your gym feels too crowded for comfort or you struggle to make time for your weekly yoga class, a daily walk may be the answer to your exercise woes. While it’s often overlooked, walking is an easy activity regardless of your age and fitness level, and it comes with several wonderful health benefits. It’s ideal if you’re nervous about attending a group exercise class, and because it’s low impact, it’s easy on your joints, too. Walking helps melt away stress (not to mention fat!) and protects you from all kinds of chronic illnesses.

Here are a few more reasons why it’s time to dust off your walking shoes and step to it.

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1. It Clears the Mind

Going for a walk can be highly beneficial for your mental health. Breathing in fresh air and getting blood circulating through your body can help boost self-esteem, improve your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and help you sleep better. And if you’re struggling to solve a problem, walking has also been found to boost creativity.

2. It Can Help You Lose Weight

Because it’s an easily accessible activity, walking is ideal if you spend more time in a car or at a desk than you would like. To boost your calorie burning, aim to get in at least 10,000 steps a day. And because walking is low impact, you don’t need to gradually increase your steps or follow a complex exercise program – you can just go for it. Try going on a quick 15-minute walk after you eat, as this has been found to help prevent sugar cravings later on in the day by stabilizing your blood sugar levels.

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3. It’s Effective in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Not only can walking reduce your chances of getting cancer, it has also been found to improve your chances of survival once diagnosed. Research presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology conference found that women who walked briskly for 25 minutes a day after being diagnosed with breast cancer reduced their risk of dying from the disease by 50 percent. Studies carried out for bowel and prostate cancers have confirmed similar results.

4. It Cuts the Risk of Dementia

Right now, there are an estimated 50 million people worldwide living with dementia. With someone developing dementia every three seconds, that number might be closer to 75 million people by 2030. Research has shown that regular walking could help protect the brain from cognitive decline as we age, and could reduce the risk of dementia by up to 40 percent. And now is the time to act! The Alzheimer’s Society UK says that between the ages of 40 and 64 is the best time to make healthy life changes to protect your mind. They recommend doing 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week, along with eating a healthy diet.

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5. You’ll Live Longer

A study carried out by the University of Cambridge found that a brisk 20-minute walk each day could be enough to reduce a person’s risk of early death by up to a third. The research found that people who moderately increased their physical activity could see significant health benefits and that being physically inactive was twice as likely to result in an early death as being obese. A 30-minute stroll a day is all it takes to help lower blood pressure, which in turn reduces the risk of a heart attack and other cardiovascular events, and reduces the risk of suffering a stroke by 27 percent.

If you love to walk or have discovered its many health benefits, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below! Just or register first.


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