8 Ways to Make Time for Quick Workouts

8 Ways to Make Time for Quick Workouts

Try these quick tips to stay fit and get some exercise, even when your time is spread thin.

It’s important to make exercise a priority, even when you feel like you don’t have the time. Getting active can help you fend off stress, burn late-night-snack calories and boost your spirits. So how can you stay fit while your life is on fast-forward? Try these motivating tips – after you consult a physician to make sure you’re cleared for activity, of course!

1. Break It Up

Experts recommend doing at least 30 minutes of physical activity three days a week. If this seems like too much of a commitment, the good news is that you can break your weekly workout routine into smaller increments and still reap the benefits. Strive for two 15-minute or three 10-minute sessions each day. If you can’t reserve that much time, then work fitness into your daily routine as often as you can and watch the minutes add up.

2. Pencil It In

Schedule time for exercise in your planner or on the family calendar, and then treat it like an important appointment. You wouldn’t miss a meeting or a doctor’s visit just because you didn’t feel like going, so don’t skip your daily run or yoga class!

3. Get Fit First Thing

Set your alarm clock 15 to 30 minutes earlier and enjoy a short workout before everybody else starts their day.

Tip: Up with the sun? Make sure your workout clothes are as fresh and ready as you are by washing them with the right products. Tide PODS Plus Febreze Sport Odor Defense is specially formulated to fight tough sports odours and stains, like sweat, grass and dirt, in one wash. Use Downy Fresh Protect April Fresh in the wash cycle to add motion-activated fresheners (aka, deodorant for your clothes!) to your workout wear.

4. Make Healthier Choices

Climb stairs instead of taking elevators or escalators. Walk to lunch instead of ordering in or zipping through the drive-through. If you live close enough to your bank, grocery store or dry cleaner, leave your car at home and walk for small errands.

5. Turn Chores into a Workout

Shopping for groceries or new clothes? Walk a few laps around the supermarket or the mall before grabbing what you need. Do housework and yard work yourself instead of hiring a service. To make it more interesting, time yourself and see if you can beat your best!

6. Get Playful

Why not make quality time an active time? Instead of vegging out in front of the TV at the end of the day, head outside with your loved ones for a bike ride or a game of touch football.

Tip: Be ready for spontaneous workouts by using Secret Invisible Sprays or Old Spice Invisible Spray every day. They give you 48 hours of protection against odour and sweat and reduce white marks on clothing.

7. Make the Most of TV Time

Do crunches or run in place while you watch your favourite shows. Lift hand weights. Stretch. Pedal a stationary bike or work your arms on a rowing machine. Anything that gets you moving counts, even if it's just getting off the couch to change channels or turn up the volume.

8. Work Out at Work

If you spend most of your day at a desk, take fitness breaks throughout the day to walk around the office or climb the stairs between floors. Stand and move while you talk on the phone. Conduct small meetings while enjoying a brisk walk. If you have to travel for work, pack a jump rope, choose a hotel with a fitness room or swim laps in the hotel pool.

Tip: Don’t let your period get in the way of your workout. Make sure you’re wearing the right-size pad by taking the Always My Fit quiz to help reduce leaks and increase your peace of mind.

The hardest part of working out is mustering up the motivation to do it – and stay at it. But if you use these tips, you may just find yourself making a habit of being healthy.

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