Burning Calories While Doing Chores

Household chores can be a pain, but did you know some burn hundreds of calories?

Did you know you can burn calories by performing household chores? It's true. If you've never stopped to think about it, this is your opportunity to discover how much energy you really spend on housework.

Not all of us have time to take walks or go to the gym, so we decided to investigate the amount of energy spent on everyday tasks like vacuuming or dusting. The results may surprise you!

Ironing: 115 Calories per Hour
We begin with the activity that requires the least energy expenditure. OK, ironing doesn’t make you think about that sore-until-next-week workout, but you should not be disappointed with this. One hundred fifteen calories is not a small amount, and if you do it every day, you’ll reap benefits much greater than just wrinkle-free clothes.

Dusting: 175 Calories per Hour
As we well know, dusting involves significant arm movement. However, remember that the more moves you make, the more calories you will burn. Therefore, engage yourself and wipe the dust from the most remote areas of your home. Your home will be clean and your arms will definitely feel the burn.

Washing Windows: 180 Calories per Hour
Have you ever considered the number of circular movements it takes to clean all the windows in your home? Well, none of those strokes are in vain — besides having left your windows clean, your shoulders and arms will get a good endurance-building workout, too!

Vacuuming: 200 Calories per Hour
It is probably the activity that requires the most effort — especially if you have to move furniture. Walking from one side to the other, crouching and doing many other movements burns a lot of energy!

Gardening and Landscaping: 285 Calories per Hour
Cutting the grass, squatting to take the roots out of soil and planting new bulbs are all activities that engage your entire body. While gardening might seem like a relaxing escape from day-to-day stress, several muscles are worked (glutes and biceps, for instance).

Tip: Be careful about the posture you assume while gardening. Being in the same position for an extended period of time can leave you crawling the next day. So, remember to pause for a few minutes at a time to stretch your spine.


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