Upy and Downy Workouts

Upy and Downy Workouts

Get the kind of workout you really want – in-between and during your regular activities.

Upy and Downy Workouts
It’s just about the most common advice you get when people talk about staying fit or healthy: Just keep moving.

What I didn’t realize before I became a mom was just how “easy” that advice is to follow.

As soon as my days filled up with activities and chores and errands and playtime, the idea of getting to the gym seemed completely impossible. But with so much moving in between (and during) my everyday activities, I realized that I was probably doing more “working out” than I had ever done. All I had to do was make sure I was getting the kind of workout I actually wanted.

Here’s what worked for me.

I Had to Plan It Out
I don’t have to tell you, once you’re a mom, it pays to have a game plan before doing almost anything – exercising is no different.

I started by taking stock of the activities I had planned for the day. I would decide ahead of time to take the stairs instead of the elevator when I visited my child’s school. Or instead of moving the car between stores at the shopping centre, I would walk from shop to shop. It really helps to get creative. Remember: if you’re moving, it’s exercise.

Planning made a huge difference, but I also learned that it’s important not to set an ironclad itinerary. Leaving some room in my plans for some spontaneity helped me avoid feeling guilty about missing out on certain opportunities for exercise.

I Got the Right Gear
Active wear is everywhere right now, and wearing clothes with a good range of motion that you look and feel good in can go a long way to motivate you. Have to run to carpool right after working out? No problem. Wash your workout clothes with Downy Fresh Protect to neutralize bad odours while you wear them. It’s like deodorant for your clothes!

I Redefined the Phrase “Home Gym”
I used to think of “working out” as something that happens in our spare time – those precious little pockets we somehow carve out of our schedules AFTER getting our errands and chores done.


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But if that’s the case, what do you call it when you’re standing out of breath at the top of a hill after pushing your child’s stroller all the way up. What do you call it when you throw those biceps into overdrive so that you can get all of the groceries from the car to the kitchen in one trip?

Any part of your daily routine can, with just a little extra oomph, become part of your daily exercise regimen. I curled the Downy jug a few times before it went back up on the shelf. I did an extra set or two of steps while running the laundry up and down. I grabbed a chair and used it as a platform for step-ups, tricep dips, or push-ups – (for warm up mode, put your hands on a chair, OR for expert mode, put your feet on the chair, hands on floor).

I Got the Kids Involved
Never discount the exercise you get just from playing with your little ones. Family time that helps you stay fit? That’s supermom stuff! The kids loved when we would take the dog for a walk around the block, or head down to the park for some playtime. My daughter and I had a daily race to the mailbox – every little bit adds up!

I Built a Support Network
Every lifestyle change is easier with a support network. By getting my friends involved at play dates, or challenging my family to fitness challenges, I found a way to keep myself accountable. Go ahead; get competitive, not only amongst your network, but also against yourself.

Also, there’s a whole new booming industry around fitness tech. My dad gave me a watch that tracks my steps for my birthday, and it can be a wonderful reminder of how much progress you’ve made during the day.

Finally, I Didn’t Stress About it (Ha, of course I did. But … less.)
I did my best to be super-serious about getting (or staying) active, but I still had to remember that these small changes and ideas were about the long game. I wanted to get fit and get my blood pumping. I think those bite-size goals helped me stay realistic about it.

And don’t forget to reward yourself for sticking to your plan. Did you successfully opt to take the stairs 10 times today? Have yourself a bubble bath or a scoop of ice cream for dessert. You deserve it.

Which workouts were you able to incorporate or modify in your daily routine? Share your story in the comments below!

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