Find Your Fitness Fit

Find Your Fitness Fit

Fitness isn’t just weights and endless treadmill sessions — find one that’s right for you!

Every new year, thousands of Canadians sign up to join the latest fitness crazes and lose some post-holiday pounds. Don’t hit the boring old treadmill! Try out a fun new workout you’ll stick with.

You might find you live for Crossfit (a high-intensity constantly varied strength and conditioning program that’s based online) or you’re really into barre (a low-impact ballet-inspired workout that sculpts your body). Maybe you won’t be able to wait for your next class of spynga (a routine that incorporates spinning and yoga). There are so many different types of classes out there — you’re bound to find something you like! As always, though, be sure to consult with a doctor before starting any new regimen.


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No matter what you end up doing, it’s reassuring to know that no matter what way you move, Tampax Pearl Active offers protection so you can keep moving even when you have your period.

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