Editor’s Picks: Summer Workout Edition

Editor’s Picks: Summer Workout Edition

We’ve made our picks for the 7 best ways to get some exercise in the summer months.

By: Sarah P.

Need some fitness inspiration or just looking to change things up? We’ve got you covered with seven of our favorite workout features:

1. 13 Post-workout Snacks You Won’t Mind Eating
Is a flavorless shake or a chalky protein bar not your thing? Don’t sweat it, it’s not ours either. Post-workout snacks can be as delicious as they are beneficial. Plus, you can make ‘em with ingredients you already have at home!

See the snacks here.

2. How to Make a Workout Playlist in 3 Steps
Creating a soundtrack tailored to your workout is easy as 1-2-3! Choosing songs with the right sounds and tempo can give you more motivation, and in turn, a successful workout session.

Check out the steps here.

3. 5 Must-Haves for Outdoor Exercise
When the weather warms up, it’s time to get outside and get moving — but know how to be prepared! Bloggers give us the scoop on their must-have workout gear.

See the picks here.


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4. 6 Simple Playground Workouts
Keep up with the kids and take advantage of your time together at the playground. Sneak in little workouts when using sidewalk chalk, pushing swings and more!

Discover the exercises here.

5. 5 Best Moves to Shape Your Legs
Tone leg muscles and improve your balance simultaneously. No gym required for these exercises — some stairs and a wall are all you need. Perfect for a quick workout session at home or when you want to head outside.

Check out the no-equipment moves here.

6. 5 Quick Workouts to Get Your Blood Flowing
Need a burst of energy? Feel the burn and start your day with one of these pumped up routines sure to keep you focused and awake (even on your busiest days!), morning through night.

Learn the how-tos here.

7. Put a Summer Spin on Workouts
With the kids home and vacations to be had, squeezing in an efficient workout this summer can feel difficult. Make the most out of your time with tips from fitness expert, Suzanne Bowen. You’d be surprised what a little interval training can do!

See Suzanne’s tricks here.

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