Fit Mom - Exercises That Feel Great

Fit Mom - Exercises That Feel Great

Discover a great way to keep your mom and your whole family in shape with these awesome exercises.

By: Melissa A. Kay

We all want our moms to be healthy and feel good. If your mom could use a fitness boost, challenge her to match your own simple fitness efforts and make a difference together as a team. Try these fun workout ideas you can both do at home or in the neighbourhood. Within 30 days, you and your mom will both feel more active and fit.

Days 1-10: Lift and Repeat around the House
There are plenty of items around the house that double as great dumbbells and weights. You and your mom can both add a few minutes to some of your everyday activities to firm your muscles and in turn, strengthen your bones.

Time for laundry? That container of detergent is perfect for some bicep reps. Hold the detergent by the handle in one hand (be sure the cap’s on tight) and lift and lower from the elbow slowly until the muscle feels fatigue. Switch hands and work on the other side. A few repetitions of these will help define the muscle. Next time you visit her, show her how. Know which day she does her laundry? Send her a quick text to remind her to do her laundry-day bicep routine!

Stocking your pantry after the grocery? Getting ready to make dinner? Go for shoulder lifts by holding a large can of soup in each hand. Extend the arms straight out to the side and lift and lower in a flapping motion. Strong shoulders are sleek and sexy and will keep Mom’s posture strong.

Tip: Aim for a new item found around the house each day and try to increase the weight with each object. By day 10, aim for the heaviest item you can safely lift. Ready to bench-press your kid yet?

Days 11-20: Walk, Talk and Read
Think audio books! If your mom loves to read but winds up sitting on the couch or lying in bed while buried in the latest best seller, audio books are a great way to get a literature fix while moving that body. Make your own walking book club! Walk together, listening half the time and chatting about the book for the last leg of the walk.

Have Mom walk briskly for 30 minutes each day while listening to her favourite book on tape. The fresh air combined with some heart-pumping activity is a great way to exercise. Listening to audio books will make the time fly!

As the days pass, Mom can add a few minutes every few days to her walk as she approaches the 30-day mark. By day 20, she’ll be picking up the pace and probably on to a new book!

Tip: Music also works well if Mom isn’t moved by books on tape. Help her make each day fresh with a new high-energy song list.

Days 21-30: A New Day, a New Goal
You and your mom can strive for a new goal every day for the last 10 days. Maybe your goals are the same. Maybe they’re totally different. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re supporting each other.


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  • One day’s goal can be to climb the staircase 15 times that day.
  • Another day, try to complete 25 situps or crunches.
  • If the weather is good, meet up at the park for a 1-mile jog.
  • If you both like dancing, venture out to a Zumba class together.

There are lots of activities to fill a full month’s calendar with healthy, attainable changes. Together, you and your mom can keep each other going day after day. At the end of the 30 days, you’re sure to feel better and maybe even get a little closer as a mom-and-daughter pair.

*Be sure you and your mom consult a doctor before starting any exercise routine.

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