6 Simple Playground Workouts

6 Simple Playground Workouts

Make the most of your time at the playground or park with our workout guide.

By: Amanda Palmer

Keeping up with the Kids
This is no easy feat. Children can go, go and go until they literally fall on their faces. Here are few low-key exercises you can do with your kid:

  • Sidewalk chalk: When drawing on the pavement with your child, sit down and reach for your toes, lean in different directions to test stability, squat to fire up the quads and glutes and press into one side for a few seconds until cruising over to the other leg like a spider stretch. (Hopscotch, anyone?)
  • Push a swing: Rock back and forth on your heels, extend the arm out (five pushes each side), crouch down to hide and then pop up as the swing glides.
  • Swing and lean: Hop onto an open swing, stick your legs straight out and lean back until your abs fully engage. Take it up a notch by crossing your feet over and under one another without cramping your neck.

Most parents view park time not only as an outlet for built-up energy, but as time for kids to socialize with other kids. So when you find yourself on that bench, try these activities:


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  • Tricep dips: Keep your rear so close to the edge of the bench that it’s touching, and then bend the elbows directly behind you, squeezing your rib cage as low as you can and push up for five to 10 reps.
  • Hamstring stretch: Prop up one heel on the bench and lean directly over it, pulsating, and then try a side stretch for a few pulses, or try bending the top knee for a lunge or bend the supporting leg for an extra burn. Flex and point the foot for different results.
  • Elevated pushups: Place your hands on the bench top slightly wider than your shoulders and press down until your chest reaches elbow height, or hold the plank position for an abdominal challenge.

Body weight exercises are easy to incorporate into a busy day: A few stepping lunges here, a game of tag and a couple of pushups there add up to a stronger mom. You’ll probably inspire other park moms to join you!

What exercises can you do at the park? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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