5 Tips for Fitness on the Go

5 Tips for Fitness on the Go

Use these five tips to help keep up your fitness routine during the hectic holiday season.

By: Madeline Glasser

The holidays are upon us and with them come parties, travel and lots of delicious food. With our busy schedules and tempting decadent treats on nearly every table, it is easy to get derailed from our exercise routine and healthy eating regimen during the season. More often than not, we may see the needle on the scale start to inch up. But with a little bit of planning, you can stick with your fitness routine even if you’re constantly on the go.

By arming yourself with these five tips, you can ensure that you have the tools to sneak in a workout no matter where you are (and still enjoy some pumpkin pie or sugar cookies!). As always, make sure you consult with your physician before starting any exercise routine.

1. Pack Your Sneakers and Get Outdoors
The beauty of getting outdoors is that it doesn’t matter where you are. All you need is a pair of sneakers. You can walk or run no matter your location. Getting in a 30-minute walk each morning burns calories and gets your blood pumping. You can also check out local trails near your neighbourhood. Even better, make it a family affair and scout a place to go for a long hike.

2. Plan Ahead
If you’re traveling this holiday season, take a second to research where you’re going. See if there are any local yoga studios you can visit for a class. Yoga is a great way to exercise and also helps to relieve some of that holiday stress.


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3. Use Your Body Weight
Can’t get to the gym? You have one excellent piece of equipment you can use at any time — your own body. Your body can provide excellent resistance to help build muscle strength. Some great exercises you can do are push-ups, tricep dips, squats, lunges and planks.

4. Take Your Workout with You
If you are extra ambitious, you can pack a workout with you! Resistance bands take up very little room in your luggage and can be used in a variety of ways to get your workout in.

You can also bring your favourite exercise DVDs, so you always have a class with you as long as you have a TV. Additionally, if you have a smartphone or tablet, there are some great apps designed to give you an excellent workout with little or no equipment.

5. Eat Properly
The holidays are a time of decadence and indulgence. No amount of working out can undo consistent overindulging. If you know you have a big dinner one night, try to make mindful choices during the day. Don’t skip out on treating yourself entirely, but be a little more conscientious of what you’re putting into your body.

Whether you’re heading out of town or staying home for the holidays, these tips can help you avoid putting on the pounds and keep you on track — and get a head start for a healthy new year!

Madeline is the author of Food, Fitness, and Family, a blog where she writes about yummy eats, sweaty workouts and life as a family of three — soon to be four! She is an Army wife dedicated to finding balance between kale and cake pops while raising her growing family.

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