12 Sneaky Ways to Hit the Gym

12 Sneaky Ways to Hit the Gym

Use these 12 tips to make sure you don’t convince yourself to skip a workout.

By: Amanda Palmer

When the couch is inviting you to cosy up and zone out, it feels impossible to resist, especially after a long day. So if you’re going to make it to the gym, you need a game plan that can boost your willpower.

Pick a Time
This is most important part of getting your workout to happen. Hit the gym immediately after you clock out, before going home. If you can swing it in the morning, make sure you set your shoes by the door for a quick escape.

Try a few of these tips for an extra push:

  • Put your feet on the floor the second your alarm goes off in the morning. This will stimulate blood flow.
  • Turn on the bedroom or bathroom light right away to cease melatonin production, which makes you sleepy.
  • If you want to work out in the morning, but don’t have the energy, wake up anyway and go for a long walk or complete an easy workout until your body clock adjusts.
  • For evenings, schedule a group fitness class or training session that will hold you accountable.

Too Exhausted?
It happens to everyone. Once you get into the gym, you’ll experience a burst of adrenaline that will make you forget how unmotivated you were. Keep yourself accountable by trying these tips:


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  • Tell people around you that you’re going to the gym today.
  • Get a buddy who will go with you; you don’t have to do the same workouts.
  • Change into your workout clothes before you leave work.
  • Adopt a new perspective: 30 minutes is only about 2 per cent of your day.
  • Hydrate well to push off fatigue and keep muscles lubricated.
  • Try an energy smoothie: 70 per cent dark greens, 30 per cent fruits, nuts and water.
  • Predetermine workouts with specific machines or movements; write it down.
  • Exchange your gym time for a long walk with a friend, even your dog.

Learn the difference between a tired mind and a tired body. Set a reminder for why you do these workouts in the first place. Post a note to your bathroom mirror or keep a progress chart for pounds lost, miles reached or calories burned.

Rewarding yourself for achieving small fitness goals is important. When you reach a milestone, pick up some new workout attire as a splurge.

Exercise should make you feel good inside and out, which means you’ll never regret making the time for it.

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