Squeezing Exercise into Your Already Packed Schedule

Use these 6 easy tips get in some exercise, no matter how busy your schedule is.

Yes, exercise is good because it helps with heart health and weight loss and metabolism and all that. But the real reason we exercise is the sense of accomplishment. We want to hit our 6,000 steps for the day. We want to slide into bed knowing we’ve already checked off the exercise box. We want to be able to say to our friends and co-workers tomorrow how much our arms ache because we were carrying the baby around all day — and how that definitely counts as exercise.

Luckily, a daily workout doesn’t have to mean taking two hours out of your day to get 30 minutes’ worth of gym time, or sacrificing precious sleep by rising before dawn for a spinning class.

Here are some simple ways to get in a workout when you can to burn some calories, boost your mood and feel fulfilled — without stepping a sneaker in the gym.

Tip: Use Downy Fresh Protect which acts as a 24-hour deodorant for your clothes. That way if you do get a little sweaty, you’ll smell like you didn’t.

As always, be sure to check with your physician if you have any concerns when switching up your exercise routine.

1. Multitask

When you’re in front of the TV, do sit-ups or walk in place during commercials (fast-forwarding your DVR is cheating). When you’re waiting in front of the school for your kids to come out, walk up and down the sidewalk. As you’re reading this article, stand up and walk in place. Come on, do it!

2. Walk and Talk

Instead of having the “how was your day” and “what did you learn in school today” conversations sitting around at home, take a leisurely stroll around the block. Or meet up with a neighbour once a week to check up. No need to put on your sweatbands and spandex.

If you’ve got family or a friend you usually have long phone chats with, the beauty of mobile phones is that they’re mobile. Take advantage of that and catch up while you walk.

3. Take the Slightly-less-easy Path

The fact that we can drive down the street and pick out food from all over the county — and world — is convenient enough. Do we also need to be sure we get a close parking spot? Park near the back of the lot, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to your kids school to pick them up instead of driving — do the little things throughout the day.

4. Join a Team

There are plenty of low-impact, low-intensity adult sports leagues out there. They usually only play every one or two weeks. Bring the family and everyone gets out of the house. You’ll mostly likely be playing at or near a public park, so the rest of the family can cheer you on or climb on the jungle gym.

5. Get Gardening

Pull weeds, rake leaves or spread mulch. We’re not suggesting major landscaping here. Spending 10 minutes in the garden or yard will not only get your blood pumping a bit, but you’ll be able to see your hard work every time you walk through the door.

6. Clean

Normally, we tackle one room (at least) from top to bottom all at once. Instead, do one job throughout the whole house. Leave the toys all over the floor and just wipe down all the windows. Don’t scrub all the toilets and all tubs, just wipe down the sinks and empty the trashes. Go ahead and sweep the hardwood and tile, but leave wiping down the countertops to another day.

How do you get in your daily exercise? Let us know in the comments.


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