5K to Marathon: 6 Tips to Help You Cross the Finish Line

Ready to take on the coveted 26.2 miles? Try these 6 tips.

As a runner, you might find solace and peace in a running routine, or maybe you find it motivational to run toward a goal. The feeling of accomplishment and self-worth can be addicting, and by the time you complete your first 5K, you’re likely committed to a routine and yearning for more – perhaps a marathon.

If you’re finding yourself in this spot, here are six tips from both runners and trainers to give your running routine a jolt in the right direction. Whether you’re training for your fifth marathon or your first, read on to find out how seasoned pavement pounders got to their current levels.

1. Find a Running Partner or Mentor
Many runners find that running with a partner can help push you further. A partner keeps you accountable for sticking to your regimen, and you learn to set running goals together and accept responsibility for your growth and personal goals. Additionally, keeping company is more rewarding if you reach milestones together.

Make sure you’re physically fit to start running before starting your training, and consult your doctor.

2. Run with a Group
Training with an organization or group will help you not only to set goals, but also join a program that has worked for many others in the past. Teams will help you ramp up your training and you’ll have support from many runners with different backgrounds and training experiences. You may even find yourself sharing “war stories” about some of your more eventful runs.

3. Run for a Cause
If you find yourself needing a little extra push, running for a cause makes running more than just a hobby. It’s often not just personal goals that push you; it’s the bigger goals that can help you reach that finish line.

4. Follow a Professional’s Advice
Running gurus and professionals have created specialized programs to help runners train for marathons. Ask around and research recommendations that best suit your lifestyle.

5. Teach Yourself to be Consistent
No matter how experienced of a runner you are, consistency will lead to success. Run on a regular schedule and steadily increase your endurance and abilities. Many runners suggest setting a schedule.

6. Take Care of Yourself
It’s also important to have a fallback plan in case of an injury. Cross-training programs come in handy if you’re sidelined with a running injury. But above all, take care of yourself. Rehydrate, fuel and stretch.

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