5 Ways to Get Fit and Have Fun This Summer

These 5 fantastic activities will keep your family entertained and fit this summer.

Summer is here, which probably means your children are home from school. Fitting in a workout can be challenging when you have little ones. Luckily, the warm weather gives you the chance to venture outdoors and get active. Here are five easy ways you and your family can get fit while having fun in the sun.

1. Go Swimming
Swimming is an excellent full-body, low-impact workout and also a fun way to beat the heat. If your kids are old enough, they can splash the day away while you squeeze in some laps. Races from one end of the pool to the other can get your heart pumping while you enjoy time with family.

2. Take a Walking Tour
If you live in a city, chances are there is some sort of walking tour in your area. Take the family on one and learn a little bit more about the place you call home. You’ll be actively moving, getting fresh air and teaching your kids about the history of their hometown. And don’t forget to keep your face protected from the sun while you explore. Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer is lightweight and easy to apply.

3. Go for a Hike
Take to the internet and search for local hiking trails. Many websites include whether trails are kid- or pet-friendly, so make sure to pick one that works. Pack a picnic and make an adventure out of it. Make sure you bring plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

4. Hit the Zoo
Going to the zoo is a great way to keep kids happy and entertained while sneaking in a workout. While at the zoo, you end up walking far more than you would think. Try to go early in the morning before the temperature gets too hot because the chances are higher that more animals will be out for viewing. There will also be fewer people there, so you can do some speed walking or take an extra lap around various exhibits for more exercise. Before you leave the house, be sure to apply Secret deodorant to keep you feeling fresh in the heat.

5. Take a Family Bike Ride
Kids love riding their bikes, and parents often forget how great of a workout it is. Try taking a family bike ride before or after dinner. It’s a great way to get moving, bond with your family and have fun.


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