Treat Now Like a New Year

No need to wait until January 1st to start a new exercise routine. Get in the mindset now.

1. Brush Your Teeth

We’re going to assume you already do that, but treating exercise the same way you treat brushing your teeth will get you in the right mindset. You would never leave the house without brushing your teeth (at least, not knowingly) – if you’re committed to getting into an exercise routine , you should feel the same way about exercising. Don’t leave home without it.


2. Be a Little Selfish

There’s no doubt in our minds that you’re capable of doing the actual exercises. The issue is doing the exercise right now, no matter what. Treat exercise like you would a doctor’s appointment, or a massage you scheduled weeks ago, or tickets to that fun thing you want to do. You wouldn’t reschedule those, so don’t reschedule your exercise. It’s your time to do something important to you – no matter what else is going on.


3. Pace Yourself

Say you want to not be winded anymore chasing the kids around, or you want to haul the laundry around without issue. Maybe you just want to feel better in general. That’s going to take time – a lot of time – probably several weeks, if not months. The exercises you’ll be able to do six months from now are going to be more intense than the 10 minutes on the exercise bike you can handle now. And that’s fine. Don’t try to run the marathon now. Just try to get in the routine.


4. Use Technology

There are all sorts of apps (many free) you can utilize – from meal tracking to exercise routines, from schedule and reminders to timers. Try a couple out and find one that works for you. Use technology to address the issue that’s your biggest hurdle: Is it remembering to exercise? Knowing what to do and for how long? Planning what to do on what day? You don’t have to do it alone.


5. Pair It With a Passion

You can only watch that reality show you love – but know you shouldn’t – when you’re on the bike. You can only listen to your favourite podcast when you’re out jogging. You can only shop from your phone when you’re at the gym. Set the rule and stick to it.

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