Pamper Yourself this Mother's Day

Use these ideas to truly unwind and pamper yourself this Mother’s Day.

After hectic days with the kids, shuttling them to and from school, extracurriculars, running errands — and juggling your own life, too — it’s only fair that you get a day all to yourself. Use this Mother’s Day as a private vacation and get the most out of every minute you can. Check out these simple ways to treat yourself without ever having to leave home.

Create Your Own Private Oasis
Begin your routine by creating a spa treatment in your bathroom. Start the bath, and then try one of these homemade recipes:

  • Add a few drops of perfume and a dash of baby oil (soothing and fragrant).
  • Wrap a cup of oatmeal or bran in a cloth and drop it in the water (great for dry skin).
  • Add a cup of powdered skim milk (a natural moisturizer).
  • As a pick-me-up, add a cup of cider.

Get a Head Start
Massage your scalp while washing your hair. Massaging your scalp is more than soothing — it also relaxes the thin layer of muscle that covers the skull, easing tension and improving circulation to hair follicles.

Start by lightly stroking your head, from the top of your forehead to the base of your neck. Then, with your thumbs and fingertips, make small circular movements all over the scalp. Next, grab a small amount of hair in each hand, gently pull, and then run your fingers through it (repeating all over the scalp). Finally, put your hands over your ears and gently press and release.

Enjoy a Bedtime Treat
A great way to relax before you go to bed is with a face massage.

Place moisturizer in your hands and then rub your hands together to warm up the lotion. Place your hands on your face for a moment, and then move to the throat and sweep your hands up over the chin and jaw. Next, stroke your face from the center out to the temples. Move your hands to your forehead, draw your fingers up to your hairline and then stroke the sides of your face all the way down to your neck. Finish up by placing your index fingers underneath your jaw, and stroke from the chin out to the ear.

Let’s not forget about what Mother’s Day is supposed to be — a celebration of you! So when things have calmed down and you’ve gotten a chance to relax, what better way to do it than giving yourself a spa treatment right in the comfort of your own home?

Finish the Day With Total Relaxation
Truly relaxing — not just the body — may be a foreign concept for moms. Being able to close your eyes and just breathe and truly not have to worry about the countless things that enter your mind on a daily basis can be just as beneficial as a massage.

Light your favourite candle or fill your room with your favourite scents — lavender oil is said to be best at calming the brain — and put on some calm music. Even just open the windows and listen to the crickets or the rain. Drift away to sleep and end Mother’s Day in complete relaxation.

While it may seem like a novel concept to think about yourself for a day, just remember: there are 364 other days that aren’t Mother’s Day. With a little mental and physical rejuvenation, you’ll be able to wake up the next morning refreshed and ready to take on anything.


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