Making Scents of Spring

Making Scents of Spring

Why wait for spring? Get the fresh spring air you’ve been craving all winter right now!

The seasons and I are more dramatic than a soap opera. Winter and I fall madly in love at the start of December. Everything is magical and beautiful, then suddenly I wake up in January with pale skin and goose bumps and wonder what I ever saw in that season.

From that point on, spring can’t come soon enough. Every time it warms up even five degrees, I expect to see flower buds, trees blossoming and sun shining.

But more than anything, it’s that “beginning of spring” smell that does me in.

You know exactly which one I’m talking about – that clean, fresh scent that sends some sort of biological signal to your brain to trigger more energy, excitement and the urge to renew and revitalize your life.

For many of us, that urge translates into the need to “spring clean.” I don’t know exactly why we feel like we need to reorganize, reset and refresh everything, but something inside tells us it MUST be done. The thing about spring-cleaning is—if you’re like me and keep a relatively regular cleaning schedule—it’s really not that necessary. Last year I caught a whiff of that “spring is coming” scent and before I knew it I was mopping the floor that I had just used a Swiffer on hours ago. Completely unnecessary!

Find more ways to get that refreshed spring feeling

So this year, instead of giving in and scratching that primal itch by scrubbing my home silly, I’m looking into more meaningful ways to bring spring into my life and getting as much of those fresh, clean scents as possible.

The original air freshener
I’m starting with flowers—which aren’t just for special occasions! I treat myself to a beautiful bouquet to boost my mood and fill my home with aromatic goodness and colour. If your nose is easily overwhelmed by air fresheners and such, flowers are the way to go.

Purify with plants
Yes, they need a little care, but plants aren’t just for decoration. Peace lilies, palms and ferns are great at taking impurities out of the air and replacing them with pure, clean oxygen.

DIY fragrances
Have you heard of a simmer pot? This concept blew my mind! All you do is put some of your favourite fruits, vegetables and herbs into a pot on a low boil and voila—fresh scents in minutes. I went with limes and cucumber and could barely stay away from the kitchen.

Soak up the sun
I was surprised to learn that temperature plays a huge role in how we perceive scents. In fact, a lot of the classic spring aroma comes from the thawing soil we haven’t smelled in months. Try uncovering your windows and doors to let the sunlight in and give your home that “freshly baked” quality.

And of course…
Febreze! (You knew this was coming, right?) There really (really) isn’t any easier way to scrub those winter smells from your home and springify your air at the same time. I spray some airy scents into my linens, freshen my living room with a candle or air freshener and leave a bottle in my teenager’s room. Maybe someday he’ll take the hint.

The point is: when those imaginary dust bunnies start hopping around your head and you feel the need to spring clean, start by flushing the winter smells and stale air from your home. Who knows? You might find out that’s all it takes to scratch the itch to renew your home and you’ll have saved yourself a weekend of scrubbing.

If you have any deep-breath worthy ideas, share them with me and the community below!


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