Women Tell All: How We Learned to Love Our Bodies and Improve Self Esteem

Four women share their personal accounts of how they achieved a positive body image!

Some people may dread getting older, but with age comes experience, and with experience – confidence. We spoke to four inspirational women about the rejuvenating impact of a positive body image in their 50s. Read on to discover how they learned to accept their bodies as they are, to feel better about aging and how that improved their self-esteem.

“Now I’ve embraced my body, I’m more brave,” says Louise, 50
“I loved turning 50 – it was a real milestone for me. I am in the process of changing careers and am going traveling for a bit, but the best thing about this time in my life has been learning to love how I look. I embrace my body the way it is. I wear different styles of clothes – I have good legs and I show them off! It has taken me this long to be brave, but I feel fabulous about myself now, and have loads of confidence and energy.”

“I understand my body now – and love what it can do,” says Bridget, 51
“I always felt too thin, and was envious of full-bodied women. However, I recently took up yoga and have really begun to understand my body more. I feel strong and flexible – I really love what my body can do now and that has given me a real confidence boost.”

“My body reflects what I‘ve been through,” says Jane, 59
“I’ve had three children and I feel my body reflects that. I have hips and a stomach and, however much I work out, I cannot seem to firm up my muscles. For ages I felt ashamed of my post-baby muffin top and I spent hours at the gym working out in an attempt to get rid of it. But now I look at my body and I feel proud of it. This body has given birth to, and nursed, three children. That has made me love it even more; those wrinkles, crinkles and bumps. My body tells the story – the history of who I am – and that is really special to me.”

“I finally focus on what my body does for me,” says Celia, 60
“I went to an image consultant once because I started feeling really depressed about my body. Instead of seeing something in front of me that I loved, I became hypercritical – my body looked saggy, I had cellulite and wrinkles everywhere. But then the consultant suggested I thought about myself in a different way. My body really is my temple. It has gotten me this far in life and it is only doing what all bodies do, which is age. She said the key was to keep fit by walking, swimming and eating smarter. Now, I wear jeans and a classic shirt and trainers and I now think that I look pretty good for my age!”

No matter what your body image journey has been, always remember to love yourself. What are your best body confidence tips? Share your stories in the comments below!


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