Get Inspired with These Creative New Year’s Resolutions

We asked 8 parents for their New Year’s resolutions. Their answers will motivate and inspire you.

Does anyone find it hard to believe we’re in the new year already? It’s time to make a fresh start – and wipe last year’s slate clean. If you’re still contemplating what changes you’d like to make or new skills you’d like to learn, get inspiration and ideas from these moms.

Feel Stronger
“Last year saw me experience childbirth, bereavement and serious stress. As a result, I haven’t had the time – or energy – to look after myself properly, which includes going to the gym. I used to lift weights regularly and loved the feeling of strength it gave me. So I’ve made a promise to myself that I’ll get back in the gym this year – not to fit back into my skinny jeans, but to feel happier and stronger. And I’m telling as many people as I possibly can to ensure I actually do it!”

Kirsty, mom to 15-month-old Bella

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Learn a New Language
“I’ve always wanted to speak another language, but my fairly demanding job, plus the responsibilities of childcare, mean that whenever I do sit down to test my skills, I end up falling asleep or getting distracted! Learning a new language is something I’ve always wanted to do, and I’m determined to really put it first this year. So I’m asking my partner’s parents to help out with childcare one evening a week so I can study French. It means I can justify a holiday to France, too!”

Kristin, mom to 2-year-old Betty

Invest in Some “Me” Time
“Life for us as a family is always busy – when the children aren’t at school, we travel together, and both my husband and I work full time. While friends of mine often make time for themselves, I rarely indulge in any beauty treatments or anything for ‘me’ – my last haircut was in 2015! I know it would make me feel great, so I’m determined to put aside an hour each week for myself – whether that’s a massage, getting my nails done or just enjoying a long walk.”

Jane, mom to 16-year-old Sophie and 13-year-old Toby

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Put Down My Phone
“Like 99 percent of people, I’m glued to my smart phone. I’m constantly switching between apps, and I’ve noticed my children are starting to do it, too. Because I work from home, it’s also having a seriously negative effect on my productivity. This year, I’m vowing to put down my phone more often and check it once in the morning, once at lunch and once in the evening – unless something urgent comes up. I’m hoping my children will follow my lead, too.”

Darrell, dad to 3-year-old Toby and 6-year-old Max

Accept Compliments
“I was brought up to shrug off compliments – saying ‘thank you’ in response to a compliment seemed conceited when I was growing up. But since having children, I’ve realized how important it is for my kids to see me accept compliments graciously with a smile, whether it’s about my work, my appearance or something I’ve done for a friend. I’m encouraging my children to do the same, and I hope it will help instil confidence in them.”

Felicity, mom to 12-year-old Gabriel and 14-year-old Samuel

Step out of My Comfort Zone
“Several of my friends go to regular dance classes together. I’ve always wanted to join, but I’ve been too self-conscious to actually do it because I haven’t danced since I was a teenager. My New Year’s resolution is to join them – even if I am hiding at the back of the room to begin with! I keep telling myself nothing is as bad as you think it will be, and I know how much I’ll enjoy it.”

Maria, mom to 3-year-old Sofia and 5-year-old Isabella

Find My Confidence in the Kitchen
“As a new mother, time is short and life is hectic. As a result, I rarely cook much at all for my family. I often rely on my mother – who lives nearby and is an excellent cook – to help with food, but I would love to find my feet in the kitchen and learn some dishes to feed my family!”

Yaren, 30, mom to 6-month-old Aydin

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Take More Photographs
“I was given a beautiful camera for my birthday three years ago, and I haven’t used it once. I would love to have lots of photographs of my children when they’re older to look back on. This year, I’ll get the camera out of the box and actually learn how to use it properly – even if my children have to show me!”

Natalia, mom to 6-year-old Anna, 8-year-old Dina, and 14-year-old Elena

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Share it with us in the comments section below!


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