Effects of Caffeine On The Body

We know it can wake us up in the morning, but what else does caffeine do to our body?

By: Andrea Updyke

We love our morning coffee, but how much is too much?

Studies show that even up to three or four (8 oz.) cups of coffee, or about 300 mg, daily is safe. The problem is, on some days, our morning joe is just the beginning.

Add in beauty products that contain caffeine and a few bites of dark chocolate, and we might be blasting off into the red zone of caffeine overload. Staying awake and our routines may actually affect blood pressure and our quality of sleep. The importance of moderation is key to enjoying your daily jolt. Still, there are many benefits to having reasonable amounts of caffeine in your system.

1. Stimulation
We know that caffeine is a stimulant — which is why so many of us drink it in the morning to jumpstart the day or gear up for a workout. Just remember that too much of a good thing is possible: If your heart starts to race or you feel shaky, take a break from the java and drink a glass of water instead. Instead of drinking several cups of coffee in a row, try alternating one cup of coffee with one glass of water.

2. Fresh Skin
You will find caffeine in many different types of lotion, from cellulite creams to eye serums. Caffeine helps tighten skin and gives it a smoother appearance. New studies even show that when combined with exercise, caffeine can even reduce the risk of melanoma.

3. Potential Health Benefits
While we shouldn’t start consuming mass amounts of caffeine in the name of health, there are some interesting health benefits that seem to be linked to caffeine. Studies show that caffeine may help to reduce the risk of asthma, Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, among other notable afflictions.

4. Muscle Pain Relief
The next time you exercise, have a cup of tea or coffee when you are through and you might see a reduction in the amount of muscle soreness you feel. Less soreness might lead to more exercise and, hopefully, healthier individuals all around.

5. Relaxation
Yes, caffeine is a stimulant. But oftentimes we consume our drinks at a coffee shop, in a break room or with friends. This brings the added benefit of socializing and relaxing from the fast paced world in which we live. No, you don’t have to be holding a latte to relax, but it sure is a delicious way to unwind!

If you don’t already consume caffeine, don’t feel pressured to start now. For those of you who do, take comfort in the fact that there are some great things coming from those coffee grounds each morning! When you consume caffeine in moderation, you can reap the benefits of a delicious treat and give your body a little boost to help you tackle your day.

Andrea is the founder of Lil Kid Things and also writes for the Babycenter Blog. She lives in Raleigh, N.C., where she spends her days caring for her two sons, Oscar and Calvin, and learning how to balance work, kids and marriage.


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