How to Pick the Right Sunscreen

How to Pick the Right Sunscreen

Learn what type of sunscreen is best for you with our helpful guide.

It’s time to stock up on sunscreen, since you'll be able to spend lots of time outdoors in the coming months. Be sure you’re making an informed decision on which type works best for you:

Mineral Sunscreens

  • Pros: Mineral sunscreens use tiny bits of zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide to physically block your skin from the sun instead of chemical blocks.
  • Cons: Mineral sunscreens can look and feel heavier on your skin.

Non-Mineral Sunscreens


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  • Pros: Non-mineral sunscreens are designed to offer broad-spectrum protection and come in many varieties. Turn the bottle over and look at the ingredients for avobenzone. If it has that, it’s truly broad spectrum.
  • Cons: Because non-mineral sunscreens are available in so many varieties, you may end up applying more throughout the day.

All About SPF
No matter what SPF you choose, remember to reapply often and alternate your sun exposure with breaks under an umbrella. As always, be sure to consult with your doctor before starting or changing any skin care treatment.

In the right amount, SPF 15 is adequate for day-to-day activities. Traditionally, a large almond-shaped amount is fine for an average face. Apply it in two thin layers and then apply your makeup on top.

Tip: Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security — high SPFs may provide more protection, but they don’t last longer. Remember to apply and reapply throughout the day!

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