Get Healthy from the Inside Out

Get Healthy from the Inside Out

A body is only as healthy as what’s inside it — use these tips to stay fit inside and out.

A new year is a great time to reflect on your health and make some changes for the better. But rather than spending hundreds of dollars on gym membership fees, why not try making small but impactful changes? Here are four ideas to get you started.


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  1. Replace salt with other seasonings to reduce to your sodium intake and benefit your heart
  2. Buy one unfamiliar fruit or veggie each week to help your body get a variety of nutrients and antioxidants
  3. For the next 30 days, floss, brush and rinse daily with Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health products to promote good oral health.
  4. Schedule 30 minutes of quiet time a day: Whether you choose to walk, meditate or read, we all need a mental health break!

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