Finding Role Models in Pop Culture

Finding Role Models in Pop Culture

Having a tough time finding a kick-butt girl for your daughter to look up to? Try these!

By: Yuki Hayashi

Want to reinforce the beauty in strength? Here are three super cool women who inspire us to bang out another set at the gym or run another lap around the track.

Kick-Butt Role Model: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet
Why: Canada’s top CrossFit athlete, Quebec’s Leblanc-Bazinet is known for her graceful approach to hard-core moves such as burpee muscle-ups or one-arm dumbbell snatches. And she’s brainy too: Leblanc-Bazinet is a chemical engineering student.

Catch Her: In CrossFit top 10s. Leblanc-Bazinet is working her way up the Reebok CrossFit games rankings.

Follow Her: @camilleLbaz

Kick-Butt Role Model: Zoë Bell
Why: One of Hollywood’s top stunt doubles, Bell has won numerous awards for her ability to hang off speeding vehicles, fall from rooftops and samurai sword slash her way through fight scenes like no other.


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Catch Her: In the movies. Bell has doubled for action-star actresses Uma Thurman and Lucy Lawless and has tackled acting roles in “Whip It,” “Oblivion” and “Lost.”

Follow Her: @TheRealZoeBell

Kick-Butt Role Model: Sarah Kaufman
Why: One of two Canadian women in the UFC’s nascent women’s division (the other is Ontario’s Alexis Davis), Kaufman started Muay Thai training at age 17. She holds a purple belt in Brazilian jujitsu and was a world champ in other mixed martial arts leagues.

 Catch Her: In the UFC. She is working her way up the women’s bantamweight division.

Follow Her: @Mmasarah

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