8 Ways to Feel More at Home in Canada

8 Ways to Feel More at Home in Canada

Here are 8 ways to help you feel more at home in Canada.

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The earlier you learn to adapt, adopt and adjust to your new home, the faster you make your new life work for you in Canada. Here are 10 tips to help you feel more at home.

1. Friends
If you are a newcomer to Canada, the first thing you may face is culture shock. An unfamiliar environment can leave you feeling forlorn, lost and lonely. Beat homesickness before it gets to you. Get busy with things to do. Go out and make friends.

Join a gym, encourage the kids to play with other children in the park. Chat with salespeople at the neighbourhood stores. Find like-minded friends in cultural, religious or spiritual centres. Connect with the community through voluntary services. Canadians are a friendly lot. Once you connect with some locals, life looks up.

2. Schools
Visit schools in your neighbourhood to get information about admission procedures and admit your children as soon as possible. Kids adapt faster when they start school and fall into a routine. Once they feel less lonely, you do too.

3. Food
Nothing makes you grumpy in a new country more than food that’s not to your taste. As the days go by, you may find yourself missing your native foods more and more. But you are in luck.

Canada is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Whether you are looking for pure vegetarian, halal options or traditional cuisine, you have a wide choice everywhere. To save more and eat healthier, consider cooking more at home.

4. Explore
The best way to get to know your city is by going out and exploring. Install a GPS and plan family trips around the neighbourhood to begin with. Venture out farther as you get more familiar.


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In the big cities, buses, subways and streetcars make it easy to move around.

5. Festivals
Festivals are the time when you may feel most alone. Register with clubs or committees and volunteer your services so that when the time comes, you have friends to celebrate with.

Don’t forget to join in the celebrations of your new country as well. Wear a maple leaf T-shirt on Canada Day, dress up the kids on Halloween and roast a turkey on Thanksgiving.

6. Shopping
Retail therapy works wonders, doesn’t it? But looking for products and brands in a new country can be tricky. Watch local television channels, browse through newspapers and register on websites like P&G everyday to be aware of products, promotions, daily deals and seasonal discounts.

7. Take Care of Yourself
The stress and strain of transition, lifestyle challenges and weather changes can take a toll on your health and wellness.

While you look after your family, don’t forget to look after yourself. Look out for makeup tips, the right creams for your skin and new haircare products with our regular updates.

8. Exercise
Fitness is a fun way to stay upbeat through upcoming challenges. Meditate, practice power yoga, swim or learn how to ski with your family. Check out our fun activities to keep the kids grinning at home, on the road or through the summer holidays.

Situations can be challenging but your attitude can overcome them all. Keep looking ahead and build your Canadian life with the same spirit with which you came here. You will be pleasantly surprised how soon the country becomes your home.

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