5 Remedies Against Fatigue

5 Remedies Against Fatigue

Use these five tips to beat exhaustion before it even has a chance to happen.

If you’re finding yourself feeling more tired throughout the days without doing more, it may be more than just getting enough sleep. Everything you do — from your diet to go-to pick-me-ups can have a crash effect that saps your energy.

Read on to find out what little changes you can make to keep yourself energized without having to change your entire life around!

Be Careful With What You Eat
Strengthen your energy reserves with a diet rich in fruit, fresh vegetables and whole-grain cereals. If you don't have a huge appetite or if you are on a diet, go for food supplements with high vitamin and mineral content. Cut down on the sweets (candy bars, soda, pastries) — too much of these can make you crash.

Cut Out Caffeine
Well known as a stimulant, caffeine does increase the resistance to fatigue, but in high doses, it actually aggravates the problem. Thus, those who drink a lot of coffee (more than five cups per day on average) are more susceptible to fatigue that those who drink moderately (one cup per day).

Drink Lots of Water
Water is absolutely essential to the body's equilibrium. It transports electrolytes, vitamins and nutrients the body needs and gets rid of all the waste material. Any shortfall in water causes difficulties in recovery and thus increases tiredness — which is why you should drink plenty of water every day without waiting to be thirsty.


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Be Active
Regular physical activity revitalizes your body while dropping stress level — and above all it burns those calories! Regular exercise coaxes the brain to release more of those hormones that bring that feel-good factor. And the bonus is that sport strengthens the body's immune system. If starting alone is daunting, recruit your spouse and do it together! Getting fit can only yield benefits. (As always, be sure to consult a doctor before starting an exercise regiment to make sure you’re healthy enough to do so.)

Go Green!
Nature provides plenty of anti-fatigue ingredients, the most well known being ginseng.

Both a physical and an intellectual stimulant, ginseng is recommended when tiredness hits. It acts very quickly.

Try going down the list, gradually incorporating each of these five ideas until they become second nature. Before you know it, you’ll be energized every day and feeling great.

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