5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

5 Questions to Ask Your Doctor

It may not be fun, but it’s really important. Here are 5 questions to ask your doc.

By: Adam Easterling

A visit to the doctor is never on anyone's list of fun things to do. But the older we get, the more important that trip becomes. Aging, especially in women, can bring obstacles to health and wellness that can quickly get serious if unchecked. Being aware and proactive is essential to asking the right kinds of questions at the doctor's office.

The right questions can go a long way in revealing important information about your health and how to properly maintain it in the coming years. Here are five questions for the doc that’ll get you started.

1. Does my diet need to change?
As women age, they usually need to eat a bit less and be more active to maintain the weight they kept when younger, due to a slowdown in their metabolic rate. So yes, unfortunately, a change in diet may need to occur. Ask your doctor how this change can stave off late-onset diabetes and hypothyroidism (an under-active thyroid).


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2. What is normal memory loss and what is something worse?
This is an incredibly important, yet very sensitive, question. Nobody wants to face the prospect of dealing with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, but asking your doctor as soon as possible gives you the best chance to handle all scenarios. We all forget things at some point as we get older, so chances are you're just dealing with common memory loss. But the right questions at the physician's office can mean the proper diagnosis.

3. How's my ticker?
This is an obvious, but sometimes overlooked, question. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in their 40s through their 60s, so make sure to ask about good heart health. Include your family history, personal factors like high blood pressure, smoking habits (and if you smoke, quit — duh) and eating habits (as healthy or unhealthy as they may be). The right information about your ticker can only come from the right questions asked by you.

4. Should I take supplements?
The older we get, the more likely it is that we'll need to make up for deficiencies in our diet common to aging. A good way to do that is by taking supplements, so ask your doctor if this might be the right choice. A simple blood test can determine if you are lacking in essential minerals like vitamin D, a common trait in aging women. The right supplements can strengthen those weaknesses.

5. Do I really need that colorectal cancer screening?
Allow me to answer for the doctor. Yes, ma'am! I know it's an uncomfortable subject to touch on, but colorectal cancer is the third most common form of cancer in women, and compliance and screening is generally poor when compared to other cancer tests. Absolutely ask your physician about the different screening options for early detection of this potentially deadly disease.

Again, be sure to consult your medical physician about these concerns before changing anything about your day-to-day habits.

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