5 Good-Health Tips as You Age

5 Good-Health Tips as You Age

Even if you’re healthy now, here are five tips to keep you that way for years to come.

As we age, our bodies need a little more TLC than it did back in the day. This checklist — five things we should be sure to do to keep mind and body in top form — is essential advice for anyone.

1. Get Your Screenings (But Don't Overdo It)
It’s important — and Health Canada recommends — to have more regular screenings and tests as we age.

There's growing evidence that too much testing is more likely to hurt our health — through invasive follow-up procedures and treatments that turn out to be unnecessary — than help it, so make sure you need to do anything before committing!

The bottom line is to educate yourself about your personal risk factors for various diseases and talk to your doctor to figure out an individualized approach to screening.

2. Exercise Often (But Not Crazily)
Getting regular exercise may just be the single biggest thing you can do to determine whether or not you age well. Midlife adults significantly improve their heart health if they engage regularly in physical activities like brisk walking, gardening, cycling, team sports, housework and home maintenance, according to a study recently published in the American Heart Association journal “Circulation.”

The important news here is that you don't have to run a marathon (or run at all). The most important aspect of exercise is to do it consistently, for 30 minutes four or more times a week.

Stick to the basics, because odds are you're more likely to keep that up over the coming decades if your exercise isn't based on fads that require hard-core devotion or special gear or, of course, pricy instructors.


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3. Take Care of Your Teeth
Never skimp on seeing the dentist — even if you’ve always been concerned about healthy living and eating. Second, invest in the right products to treat and prevent common oral care issues. Crest and Oral B Pro-Health for Life products were selected for people over 50 and defend against dental conditions people over 50 face.

A rechargeable electric toothbrush can also help keep your teeth and gums looking great. One dentist interviewed said when his patients start using electric toothbrushes, the difference is like night and day.

4. Don't Eat Too Much
Like exercise, try to stay away from fads and stick with something you can keep up for the foreseeable future. If stopping yourself from overeating is easiest for you to do as a vegan, go with it!

But if it’s easier for you to stay thin on a low-carb, steak-and-eggs sort of eating plan, then that's great, too. There's really no one size-fits-all “healthiest” diet, and once you've found one that makes you feel great and keeps you at a healthy weight, don't let other people talk you out of it.

5. Take Emotional Inventory
Take some time to evaluate which parts of your life are working for you — and which aren't. Maybe some habits or routines that used to make you happy no longer do. You have to figure out a way to phase them out or at least give them less of your energy.

Are there certain things you've always wanted to try, people you want to see more of, adventures you want to have? Don't wait another minute! Trying to eliminate anxiety and unhappiness from your life is one of the best things you can do for both mental and physical health.

While there are some physical downsides to aging, there’s an upside, too. You know yourself better than ever and are equipped and allowed to live life on your own terms.

That's more than ample compensation for an achy joint or a few crow's feet. And when it comes to staying healthy, that’s advice for women and men we can all live by!

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