5 Bold Things to Try Before the End of Summer

5 Bold Things to Try Before the End of Summer

Give these 5 things a shot this summer and feel like you’ve lived it out to your best.

By: Karen Walrond

When I was a kid, nothing excited me more than summer vacation. Summer was all about potential. And adventure. And the feeling that anything was possible. To be honest, even though I no longer have any schoolwork of my own to worry about, summer still feels this way: It’s a time to challenge yourself to do things that you might not otherwise attempt during the rest of the year.

And so, to formalize the process of making this season the most daring it could be, here’s a list of the top five bold things to try before the end of the summer.

1. Read Four Great Books
Or three. Or one really big one. Regardless of the number, pick a great book — either one you’ve never read before or maybe one you read as a child that you’ve always meant to reread now that you’re an adult — and promise yourself some time each day to pore through it.

2. Taste 10 New Fruits
A friend of mine made it a personal goal to taste 1,000 fruits during her lifetime. The results are amazing: Because there are so many fruits around the world, she tries them on her travels or she even goes to ethnic food stores in and around her hometown, resulting in a culinary adventure every time she takes a bite.

While attempting to try 1,000 fruits in a summer season is highly unrealistic, there’s no denying that many wonderful fresh fruits are in season at this time and there’s nothing quite so refreshing on a hot summer’s day. So while you’re at the grocer’s (or traveling), see if you can find 10 new fruits over the summer months to try.


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3. Learn a Brand New Sport.
I’m not athletic in the least, but, about 10 years ago, I decided that I wanted to learn how to scuba dive. I figured that it’s a sport that doesn’t require a huge amount of exertion, but there was enough of a fear factor to it that it felt like a challenge. So I called around my town and found a scuba operator who had a pool on the premises and could certify me.

The result? An amazing sense of accomplishment, not to mention several great vacations where I could practice my brand-new skills. So maximize the long summer days by learning a new sport — whether it be scuba, swimming, hiking, mountain climbing or whatever sport sounds sort of interesting — and then reward yourself by planning a trip to a new place where you can give it a whirl. Nothing will make you feel like you can conquer the world more.

4. Photograph Your Summer
It’s easy for summer to pass without notice, and before you realize it, it’s already fall. So this season, make a point of photographing it: Keep your camera (or your camera phone) close at hand and take photographs of beautiful moments in your days, whether it’s a weekend get-together with family or a sunset on a special trip — or even the morning sun as you have your cup of coffee on your stoop. Just record your days and, at the end of the summer, print your photographs in an album.

5. Create Your Own Summer Camp
Just because you’re not spending weeks away in a mosquito-ridden cabin in the woods doesn’t mean that you can’t do some of the awesome things that sleep-away camp can bring. Teach yourself to make friendship bracelets and rock a stack of them on your arm in the coming months (or make them for special friends and family members to wear). Get your hands on an ice cream maker and make some homemade ice cream. Pick up a watermelon on your next grocery run and have a seed-spitting contest with the girls. Teach yourself to light a fire by rubbing two sticks together.

What bold new task do you plan on trying this summer?

Quick Tip: Summer's here — the season that begs for a sense of adventure — so remember to keep your camera on you!

When she isn't sharing tips on StyleUnited on how to add more awesome to your life, you can find Karen on Chookooloonks.com. She's on a mission to prove to you that your life is filled with different, unique moments of beauty, starting with her book, The Beauty of Different. Her work can be seen on Babble.com, TEDxHouston and USAToday.

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