49 Things to do with an Extra Hour

49 Things to do with an Extra Hour

Discover 49 ways to make an extra hour of free time be about what’s important to you.

By: Adam Easterling

We're once again on the verge of falling back (as opposed to springing forward), which means the clocks reverse to give us an extra hour in the day. Now, I know what you're thinking. One hour. Big whoop. I'll probably just sleep a little longer before dealing with my day.

Or you could turn those sixty minutes into a full-blown hour of power! Try using that time for something productive, fun, healthy or just whatever catches your fancy. Make this hour about what's important to you!

Tip: Just because it’s not Daylight Saving Time doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some me-time! Any time you find yourself with a spare hour, consult this list and get started!

  1. Take a walk around the neighbourhood to unwind.
  2. Update that resume.
  3. Call a friend or two that you haven't spoken to in a while. 
  4. Plan a mini picnic in the backyard!
  5. Break out your favourite family board game. 
  6. Organize a hectic closet
  7. Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!
  8. Catch up on an episode of your favourite show.
  9. Learn a fun new recipe.
  10. Try your hand at a crossword puzzle.
  11. Stealthily remove some of the toys your kids no longer play with (they'll never know). 
  12. Bubble bath!
  13. Dust off the bike and go for a ride.
  14. Take a much-deserved nap.
  15. Get pampered at the salon.
  16. Try your hand at scrapbooking
  17. Unplug the phone and savour the silence.
  18. Snuggle on the couch with your spouse.
  19. Organize your emails.
  20. Grab a meal with some adults!
  21. Get the change in the piggy bank rolled and counted.
  22. Browse your favourite sites and blogs online.
  23. Treat yourself to a massage.
  24. Clean and groom the pet.
  25. Visit that jewellery store you've always wanted to browse.
  26. Or the farmer's market, for that matter.
  27. A warm mug of tea and your favourite CD.
  28. Organize the photos on your computer.
  29. Tune up the car.
  30. Rearrange the living room furniture for a fresh perspective.
  31. Plan/start/tend your garden.
  32. Clean out the fridge.
  33. Write in a journal. 
  34. Manicure
  35. Pedicure!
  36. Plan out a weekend trip.
  37. Clean out the closet for clothes drive candidates.
  38. Take a random drive to anywhere.
  39. Shop!
  40. Take a blanket outside and watch the sunset.
  41. Build a cool cushion fort with the kids!
  42. Change every darn light bulb in the house that needs changing.
  43. Peruse a book of poetry.
  44. Get rid of vestigial social media friends.
  45. Hit the bowling alley!
  46. Find a quiet spot and meditate.
  47. Make a seasonal bucket list.
  48. Offer your time by volunteering.
  49. Living room dance-off!

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It doesn’t matter what you do with the extra hour, it just matters that you take some time for yourself. Enjoy the mini break; you’ve earned it!

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